The Fault In Our Stars Alternate Ending

I've wrote this to enter the TFIOS Fanfiction competition. This is my alternate ending to The Fault In Our Stars.


7. Part 7

Hazel has gone into a critical state. She is now bound to a hospital bed. Her days are numbered. They say they are doing everything they can. Giving her hundreds of drugs, monitoring her every breath. It just seems unlikely that…

I guess this is where her story – our story – ends. I have decided to finish this writing thing while she is still here and I can still tell her what is in her special notebook. But thank you for reading this. Whoever you is. You could be someone years after my death or a friend of Hazel who has come to help us sort through her endless collection of stuff. You could be the whole world or no one at all. But thank you anyway. You helped keep me sane whilst my daughter was dying.

Hazel wanted to have the last words in her notepad about her story with Augustus to be to him:

‘I’m okay Augustus, don’t worry, I’m okay.’

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