The Fault In Our Stars Alternate Ending

I've wrote this to enter the TFIOS Fanfiction competition. This is my alternate ending to The Fault In Our Stars.


6. Part 6

The funeral was nice. Hazel managed to come. She wanted to go but the doctors thought it was best for her to miss it. We couldn’t make her do that. One of her best friends has died and they didn’t want her to go to the funeral. It was ridiculous.

We took flowers down to the grave a few days after. Hazel got out of her chair for the first time to lay them down. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Happy memories seemed to flash before her eyes as she smiled for the first time. That was when I realised, she was happy with her friends. She won’t be happy again.

Hazel had a few words she wanted me to write down:

‘Isaac was one of the best friends I ever had. He never wanted to see a world without Augustus Waters; I never wanted to see a world without either of them. I miss you Isaac.’

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