Transformers: A New Dawn

Its Time Earth Comes To An End In The New Dawn, After Megatron's Death Most Of The decepticons Have Feared The Autobot And The Humans, Now A New Metal Comes Into Play.......Aitocons. One Will Stand One Will Fall.


2. Decepticons.

     The Decepticons Have Ruined Most of Earth. They have showed us that they are not afraid to Ruin more. We fear them. Why?

            They Killed Most Of the Autobots. Not for the cube, but for the sake of  all Deceoticons. My father was killed trying to Destroy Megatron. The autobots stood confused, wondering if it was reality or a dream. I never got to see my dad, but I have been told he saved the world Twice. His name was Sam.

       The Decepticons came to an end shortly after. The Autobots didn't trust Optimus, because of what happened to bumble bee......His Death Scars Us All.


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