Transformers: A New Dawn

Its Time Earth Comes To An End In The New Dawn, After Megatron's Death Most Of The decepticons Have Feared The Autobot And The Humans, Now A New Metal Comes Into Play.......Aitocons. One Will Stand One Will Fall.


1. AutoBots.

   A bright morning on Earth as humans walk on the streets. Us we watch them, we watch Earth. They are ready to accept us for who we are. We protect now, to make sure that Earth is safe, after the death of Megatron the Autobots and Decepticons have feared me presents. 

     Half of New York has been destroyed, due to the war that the Decepticons had started. I may not be the best Autobot, but I am still there leader. I am Optimus Prime. Here To Defend Earth With Or With out the Autobots.

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