The Dreamwalker

A dreamwalker: A person the sees the future in his/her dreams.


2. The Dreamwalker

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I wake up to bright lights and white walls. I blink my eyes once, twice, before my eyes adjust to the lighting, and I take in my surroundings. I’m lying in a bed similar to those in hospitals, except without the annoying bars on the side. The only thing covering my – I gasp as I notice – naked body, is a thin blanket, almost crossing the border to be a mere sheet with light blue stripes, the mattress underneath me is hard and uncomfortable against my skin, and the pillow only just big enough to fit my head. I’m about to reach my hand up to pull of the blanket, when I realize, to my own sheer horror, that I can’t. I can’t move. I can’t feel anything but my face. The anxiety reaches me at the speed of a leopard, and hits me like rock. And then I start to panic. What’s going on? Where am I? I question inside my head, as I feel the cold sweat forming on my forehead, and trickle down my temples. My eyes are big, and ears alerted, but nothing but the sound of silence is perceived, by my over-working brain. Strands of hair fall into my eyes, as I move my head from side to side, my breathing catching up in speed. My face changes in a contracted expression, as I try my hardest lift my head from the pillow.

A door shoots open, a door I hadn’t even noticed, because it looked almost exactly like a piece of the wall. It was almost as if it had showed up out of nowhere. I almost stop breathing, when I notice the tall silhouette standing by the doorframe.

The silhouette steps inside. My eyes turn small as I tried to make out the person. Clicking noises emits from the floor, as the person make her way inside. She stops on the right side of the bed and gives me a scrutinizing look.

“W-where am I? W-What’s happening?,” I stutter through gritted teeth, tongue feeling a little numb. In response she adjust her glasses and gives me a once-over, then she puts a hand into the pocket of her white doctor-like coat, and pulls out a needle at the size of a good 10 centimeters long thick stick. I gulp, my breathing getting uneven.

“Wha-What are you going to do w-with that? Wh-y? W-who are you. I-I-“ My breath hitches in my throat as she brings the sharply pointed needle towards me. It’s almost shining in the light from the lamps above. As I heave after air, I feel how the tears start prick in my eyes.

“P-please don’t hurt m-me,” I beg, tears combining with droplets of sweat on their way down my face before the hit the pillow. “W-why are you doing this to me? W-what have I done?” I grit out, through the tears in my eyes. She gives me an indifferent look, which almost seems judging to my tearful eyes.

“Keep quite,” she says, expression kept monotone. I furrow my brows in question, and I’m just about to retort back – mouth already open, when, in a quick movement, she sticks the needle into my neck, and I instead let out a high-pitched scream, at the sudden pain. It’s already darkening for my eyes, when she pulls out the needle and scribbles something down on a notepad, and the last thing I see is her retreating figure as she trots away on her skyscraper heels. The door closes with a swoosh and everything goes black. A few seconds after there’s nothing but the painful throbbing in my neck, spreading through my veins to every limp of my body, and the aching is so painful, I’m almost glad I go unconscious.


I wake up to the sight of a scratched face just centimeters above mine, and almost knock my face into said person in schock.

“Who-“ a hand clasps onto my mouth, preventing me from going any further. I gulp as I stare into the wild eyes of the intruder, and somehow I can’t shake off the feeling that they seem familiar even if just a bit.

“Don’t-,” he whispers in a voice that gives me thrills, “Don’t ask any questions. They are listening. They will punish you. Don’t ask any questions.”  He is staring directly into my eyes, pupils dilated and hair dishealved, and I don’t even need to look at my arms to know that I’m getting goosebumps, I can feel it prickling on my skin already.

“Experiment 679” It sounds as if on speaker. In an instant the hand on my mouth is removed, and I can do nothing but look, as the person, male, looks frantically around him, breathing so hurried, it makes me nervous too, that is, if it was even possible to get more nervous by now.

Eventually he stands up and alought back a little hunched, he’s indeed standing, and, I notice, curious, yet scared, making his way to the slight opening in one of the walls. It must be a door, I conclude, seeing as it looks so similar to the opening the lady that pricked me, used earlier. Then he gets there, to the white opening, and not once have he turned around, but my eyes stay rooted. A swoosh, and the opening, along ´with the dishealved male is gone, and I let out a breath I didnt know I was holding. It’s not before now I have had time to take a look at my surroundings. They are by no means similar to the ones I woke up to first, and I almost find myself finding it astounding/flabbergasting. It could almost be described as some kind og human outdoor habitat. The floor or where it was supposed to be is covered by grass and athough fake, really soft, I notice, as I carefully touch it with my hands. Not far away there is a wooden table with four chairs, and there is also enough trees to make a small forest, the roof is looking terrifyingly alike a real sky, and the fact that it’s rounding only makes it more reliable, and perhaps I might even have been fooled, if not for the fact that it flickered once in a while – a clear proof that it was electrical, and computer-made.

“Don’t worry. He was exaggerating.” I turn my head at the unfamiliar voice, and is met with the sight of another male, this one taller though, and would probably, if his hair had been brushed, and the big bags under his eyes where less signifant, looked like quite a catch. And that was an observation made of a boy in a white groom, similar to my own, and whom seemed to have an awfully lot of scratches as well. I can feel my heart pounding faster, and only more so as he goes closer - the light blue sky-like roof almost making his tanned skin seem glowing as he does so. And I find myself captivated, although still very much afraid, as he sits down beside me.

“W-“ but the word dies on my tongue, as I remember what the scary male, had told me just mere minutes before. They are listening. Who are they even?, I find myself questioning. A shiver runs down my spine.

“Go ahead and ask anything you would like. Your chip has not been turned on yet.” He says, mouth turning up in the corners, as he makes himself comfortable, by placing his hands into the grass. He looks at me expectantly.

“C-Chip?” I question, and I see him nod, pointing at his neck. It’s blinking lightly, white, and I probably wouldn’t have noticed if not for the fact that he was stretching his neck to show me. And that when I remember the lady from earlier again. She had sticked me with a needle, and a very big one at that – I gulp – In the neck, I realize to my own sheer horror, and instantly raises my hand to touch the place.

“They won’t hurt you unless you do or say something you are not allowed to,” he says lightly, and somehow that reassure me just a little bit.

“But who are they, and what is it I’m not allowed to,” I ask, feeling oddly vulnerable. He looks into my eyes.

“It’s not my place to tell you that. Any of it really. I’m probably not allowed to answer any of your questions, but eventually they will tell you themselves, so don’t worry.” Don’t worry, it echoes in my mind. How can I not be worried, I think, frustrated, but I keep myself from saying it out loud, and settles for something else.

“Can you at least tell where I am then, and who you are,” I ask carefully, and I notice his smile turning grim.

“I’m Experiment 867, and this…this is where they keep the dreamwalkers, the lab. You have probably walked passed it before, perhaps on your way to school or on an casual afternoon stroll. You can’t miss it. It’s an literally skyscraper tall building and-“ I get a shock, as he winces, and notice a small beeping sound.

“Are you okay?!” I ask, about to reach out for him, when he pulls back.

“D-Don’t. It- will h-hurt,” he says through gritted teeth, and I notice how his whole body is trembling. The chip, I think. It must be the chip. They are listening. I can feel how the tears prick in my eyes, watching as someone suffer, without knowing what to do, really pains me, but perhaps it’s a bit of everything that finally makes the first tear drop.

My breath hitches as he fall back on his back, breathing heavily, with sweat drops clinging to his forehead. And it doesn’t look like he is trembling anymore, but I certainly am, and his eyes are closed, which only causes me to get more nervous.

“Are you- Are you okay? What happened?” I ask carefully, leaning closer to his body. His adamsable bops up in a gulp and he gives a small nod.

“Experiment 1042.” I look up, then back at Experiment 867 in a question that soon turns to fear.

“That’s you,” he states matter of factly, slowly pointing to a tag on my groom. And it really is, I realize.

“What- What am I going to do. What’s going to happen?! Are they- Are they going to hurt me?!” I ask, so fast I almost make myself dizzy. My breath are hurried and small, nervous, scared, as I look at the person before me with hopeful eyes, already brimming with tears again.

“Hey, hey,” He says, carefully reaching a hand up to wipe my tears away. “don’t cry,” he mumbles, slowly shifting to sitting position. “Now, listen to me okay. You go to the opening over there, “ he points, and I nod, “and then you just do as told. They won’t hurt you unless you go against.” I nod again, and he smiles a little.

“Was it..” I hesitate and my voice cracks, “My fault that you-“ He shushes me, “You need to hurry.” I look at the opening, then back at him. I’m scared. Really scared. My hands are trembling and my breathing is uneven. And somehow I can’t help but feel a little dizzy as I finally stand up. I’m scared, I want to say, but I keep it in when I give him one last once-over – my eyes trailing the scratches on his bare arms, and the blue marks on his face.

“I will…come back here.. right?” I ask, as if to hoping for some reassuring words. He smiles at me,”You will.”

“O-Okay,” I say, nodding, then I take a deep breath, gather all the courage I can, and then I leave – slowly and hesitatingly, but surely, and with more determination for each step. I reach the opening in what feels like no time, but before I step inside, I take one last glance back at the male – the male with dishealved hair, but oh so handsomely reassuring smile, and that’s all it takes, for me to take the next step. In the swoosh the wall has closed behind me, and I find myself blinking, trying to adjust to the light. And suddenly it feels as if I’m going upward, and I realize I’m in an elevator. The walls are metallic, yet not see-through, and there’s no light source, but the lamps on top, no windows, no nothing. It’s cold, and it almost smells like I’m standing in a dentist clinic – clean yet nauseating. I try to even my heartbeat, by taken deep breaths.

The elevator comes to a halt, and I almost fall over at the sudden stop, luckily quickly regaining my balance. The door opens slowly, presenting the sight of an empty hallway with another metallic door by the end. My steps are careful as I make my way out of the elevator and to the carpet in the hallway. The walls has a shiny pearly-white color – making a great contrast to the dark blue carpet on the floor. The feel is way different from the metallic floor in the elevator, and the soft grass in the room before. This carpet is firm, and quite uncomfortable to step on to say the least, but I go anyway, assuming, I am supposed to open the door at the end. The closer I get, the bigger it get, and now I’m really not that great at mathematic, but that door definitely seems more than two metres tall. I gulp. Inhale. Exhale. I knock on the door, carefully at first, then once with a bit more force. My hands are still trembling, I realize grimly, pulling back.

In a second the door is opened, realiving a tall male figure, in black suit, and with thin glasses held up by a thick nosebridge. He smiles, and the way his face contracts, is almost enough for me to know that the smile is by no means real, and had I not been as scared as I was, I would most likely have rolled my eyes at him, but I was scared – afraid beyond measure, as he beckoned me to go inside. Even the way he walked to the big chair by his desk, screamed authority, power making my own shuffling two feet seem almost humiliating in comparison.

“Experiment 1042, take a seat,” he says in I voice that sounds almost booming, small eyes, scrutinizing my every move, as I take a seat in the black leather chair before him. I don’t say anything, not a single word, and try to sit as soundlessly as I can, with my body trembling all over. And it’s not even because of the chip, I think, laughing bitterly at myself inside. The man adjusts his glasses and clears his throat. The way he smiles gives me the thrills.

“I hear you have met some of the other dreamwalkers already. What do you think?,” he asks, but all I see is how his hand move over the table, slowly nearing what looks like a remote. Unconsciously I reach for my neck, feeling as the cold sweat blooms on my forehead.

“They are- nice,” I say, mouth suddenly going dry. He gives me a questioning glance, “Oh, well I heard there were some problems this morning,” he stops for a moment to look me in the eyes, “so I thought, I might as well need to tell you the rules around here.” I nod hesitatingly, and he gives me another smile – this one harder.

“Don’t question the authority. Don’t talk about it. And don’t get personal. Don’t speak your real name. Any crossing off those will result in punishment. It’s quite easy really.” I nod, and he takes the remote in his hands.

“Yesterday you got a chip implanted, if you don’t already know, and this is funny enough the remote to it,” he explains. Funny enough? I would definitely have huffed at that, that thought, however, disappear as his smile turn devilish, and he clicks a bottom. There a loud beeping sound, and I feel how pain slowly starts to blossom in my neck – carefully but with precision spreading to my other limps. The first thing I notice is how it starts to tingle, first in my neck, then my hands.

“W-what’s h-happe-“ I’m about to question, when a sudden strike off pain to my head, makes me cringe and stop midway. Then it starts to ache, barely evident at first, but with each second getting more painful. By the time I hear him click another button, my whole body is throbbing, and trembling. It’s ringing for my ears, and the low chuckle he lets out barely escapes my hearing. The last thing I see, as it’s slowly darkening for my eyes, is his finger going to another button, the way his lips are turned upward. Then everything goes black.


“Honey?” I bolt up in shock, heart bounding away, as I look around widly. Im in the backseat of my car, with my mom and dad in front. We’re outside grandmas little treehouse, parked before the garage.

“Experiments. Dreamwalker?!” I breathe, arms sleek with sweat. My head is aching.

“Oh, honey it sounds like you had a nightmare. You are not a dreamwalker.” My mom reassures me as she pulls me out of the car. I still can’t comprehend what is actually happening. Was it all a dream? Just a bad dream? My mom tries to make me stand straight, but my legs are wobbly, and I’m still looking wildly around me.

And that’s when I spot something. Someone. In the garden beside my grandmas. That all too familiar face. Those eyes that had been so wild. I fall to my knees, laughing hysterically.


 I’m a dreamwalker.

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