this is good trust me....again @_@ :)


1. Chapter 1

Blue's P.O.V Bright neon lights lit up the crowded dark room. The smell of sweat, achohol, and desperation filled my nose. I dont normally come to clubs. My bestfriends Emma, Janice, and Luke dragged me here to celebrate my moving out of my mothers house. Finally. Much to my surprise, I love it here. I've had some great drinks and danced a lot. Its been a while since I've had some fun like this. Real fun. @_@ I sipped my Cosmo as my Janice and I watched Luke helped a really drunk Emma back to the table. "So hows your night so far?" She asked. "Great, thanks for bringing me here I really needed it Em!" I said over the loud music. "Oh, dont thank me yet, you still havent danced with any guys yet" She said wriggling her perfect eyebrows. 'Sorry Em its just im to much of a wimp to do it' My stupid inner voice said. "Em you know I dont like dancing with strange perves" I whinned. "Well tonight you are" She said standing up from her bar chair. She grabbed my hand forcefullly but at the same time gently and led me to the middle of the dance floor. The song 'Twerk'came on and it was turn up mode for me. I began to twerk, instantly being taken over by the music. Moments later I felt two massive hands firmly grip my waist. I smirked. 'Whos a wimp now mean inner thought' I thought. We swayed to the music, me grinding on his, 'manhood' a few times to him. After a few minuets of dancing this mysterious man leaned down whispered in my ear. "Want to get a drink?" He said huskily in my ear. "Sure" He lead me over to the bar. "May I have an Tequini and a Brave Bull" He ordered. Wow this guy is hot. He had Dark brown hair, golden eyes, the perfectly chizled jaw line and did I mention his abs buldge through his shirt? Mmmmmm I was handed my drink and it was very strong. I had the Brave Bull. "Hey whats your name?" He asked. "Blue. Whats yours?" I replied. "You dont need to know that princess" He said. huh
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