We Are Here Because Of You

Christian poem


1. We Are Here Because Of You

We are all here because of you,

I wonder of you many times,

I wonder why we are all here,

I cast my eyes upon the stars,

And know we are here because of you,

I thank you for the happy times, and I look for you in the sad,

I smile when I'm with my family,

They are here because of you,

I'm here because of you,

How do I get close to you?

We thank you for another day, without chaos in our lives,

We thank you for love, and honour all our lives,

We are here because of you,

I wonder if we loved you more, if we'd see you upon our doors,

Would the world be a different place?

If love filled every space.

Would evil not bind and tempt the faint hearted.

Your world is not evil, but some do seem that way,

The people who make it, have all gone astray.

I have lost my way, but I feel a closeness to you,

I don't understand all the scripture, but I long to know more,

I am afraid, but I want you at my door,

I want to find a door thats leads to you,

None of us know how,

The world is beautiful, it had honour and grace,

You made it this way, and your all around it, through the tress, and of the sea, your embedded in the land.

I feel a sadness about how man turned away, our world is greyer from the day.

But I believe in your promise, I believe your walk with us,

But not many turn to you, not many do trust.

We are here because of you,

I'm not sure we know why,

But I hope we surrender our hearts to you as one day we die.

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