short story 100 words

in school we were working on short stories and we had to write a one hundred word story and this is what i wrote.

if you like it plz leave a comment if i should make this into a longer story and can i have some sugestions on names thanks meh shadowlings or blossoms you pick


1. red eyed girl

I watched as the red eyed girl with the waist length white hair that I loved who never knew me. I stayed to the shadows scared that I’d scare her because of what I am. I’m known as the most heartless creature to humans. I’d lost sight of her. I looked around quickly and then I turned hearing something move and my eyes went wide when I felt a sharp pain in my stomach, the girl licked her bloody knife and said with a crazy smile “Goodbye demon”. I was killed by the red eyed girl that I’d fallen for.

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