Assassin's Creed: At Cross Roads

Danny Cross related


4. October 19th 2012 ~ Rome, Italy

A phone call.

VIDIC: Vidic.
CROSS: What the hell, Warren?
VIDIC: You really should watch your language, Daniel, you know that?
CROSS: Yeah, well... Shit! This isn't what I had in mind when I came to Rome.
VIDIC: Language.
CROSS: Don't... Damn it, Warren. I–
VIDIC: Daniel.
CROSS: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, OK? It's just so damn frustrating!
VIDIC: What is it this time?
CROSS: You know what Rizzo asked me to do?
VIDIC: Assess the recruits.
CROSS: What? That's what you had in store for me? A freakin' trainer's job?
VIDIC: [ sigh] Listen, Daniel, and listen well. You know how important this training program is to us. We identified a few promising recruits and–
CROSS: Promising recruits my–
VIDIC: Listen! Right now, you're the best man for the job. The only man, really. You're our top operative and you've been training agents for a decade.
CROSS: You need me to find Desmond Miles! I should–
VIDIC: You should listen to Rizzo. He's in charge here.
VIDIC: This will only take a couple of days.
CROSS: Warren, I–
VIDIC: Two days, Daniel. That's all I’m asking.

[ Silence]

VIDIC: Are we clear?
CROSS: Yes. Two days. But what about–
VIDIC: The situation is under control. As soon as we locate 17, I'll let you know.
CROSS: Is that a promise?
VIDIC: Do your job, Daniel.
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