Assassin's Creed: At Cross Roads

Danny Cross related


16. November 24th 2012 ~ Philadelphia, USA

A phone call.

VIDIC: Dr. Sung, this is Warren Vidic.
SUNG: Good morning, doctor.
VIDIC: I don't have to tell you why I'm calling.
SUNG: No. But... You know where I stand.

[ silence]

SUNG: Daniel Cross isn't fit for duty. He needs constant medical care, time in the Animus... As his physician, I can't allow—
VIDIC: Doctor, I need him. Do you understand?
SUNG: But—
VIDIC: Cross will remain under my care, but we need his... instincts. Are we clear?
SUNG: Yes...
VIDIC: You have your orders. Cross is my responsibility now.

[ transmission ends]
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