Assassin's Creed: At Cross Roads

Danny Cross related


15. November 17th 2012 ~ Philadelphia, USA

A phone call.

VIDIC: Vidi—
ENGLAND: What's going on, Warren?
VIDIC: Laetitia. A pleasure, as alw—
ENGLAND: My operative in Manhattan found Cross. You know anything about this?
VIDIC: No. We lost him. Two days ago.
ENGLAND: What? Why wasn't I—
VIDIC: Please, calm down, Laeti—
ENGLAND: Calm down? Desmond Miles was in New York yesterday. Cross scared him
VIDIC: What?
ENGLAND: You heard me. One of my operatives was on the case. [ sigh] Someone had hacked into our mainframe; someone interested in the artifacts we are tracking. I sent a man to investigate, but—
VIDIC: What happened? Is Cross alive?
ENGLAND: Yes. He was in bad shape, disoriented, spoke Russian. He attacked my agent. Fortunately, he neutralized Cross and brought him to us.
VIDIC: Where is he now?
ENGLAND: In a holding cell.
VIDIC: This is no place for—
ENGLAND: I've ordered his release. He should be in Sung's care within the hour.

[ pause]

ENGLAND: Warren, I know we owe a lot to this man but—
VIDIC: [ sigh] Hold on. I'll get Alan on the line.

[ transmission ends]
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