Assassin's Creed: At Cross Roads

Danny Cross related


13. November 15th 2012 ~ Philadelphia, USA

A phone call.

VIDIC: Vidic.
SUNG: Doctor, this is Sung.
VIDIC: Good evening, doctor. I just read your latest report on Subject 4.
SUNG: I'm afraid I have bad news. Daniel Cross has... vanished.
VIDIC: What do you mean "vanished"?
SUNG: He left the compound.
VIDIC: Wasn't he supposed to be in the Animus?
SUNG: Yes. For 48 hours. After that I ordered him to his room. He was confined to quarters, but—
SUNG: Daniel was there for about two hours. He then came out and... neutralised the men guarding his room. Somehow he found his way outside. I'm told he hacked into the Abstergo mainframe before he attacked the guards. Security should—
VIDIC: Yes. I have them on line 1. I have to go, doctor.
SUNG: Daniel was under my care. I take full responsibilit—
VIDIC: Doctor. Do me a favor. Keep this to yourself.
SUNG: Of course.
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