Assassin's Creed: At Cross Roads

Danny Cross related


21. December 5th 2012 ~ Philadelphia, USA

A phone call.

SUNG: Doctor Sung speaking.
VIDIC: This is Vidic. How is he doing?
SUNG: Surprisingly well, actually. Daniel doesn't remember much about Brazil, but the time he spent in the Animus prov—
VIDIC: Yes, I've read your report. What now?
SUNG: He needs more treatment. And rest.
VIDIC: Don't worry, doctor, we won't send him on assignment. Is he well enough to... Is he presentable?
SUNG: I've already forwarded my recommendations. Last time you chose to ignor—
VIDIC: Just make sure he doesn't lose it until tomorrow. We'll need him for about two hours. After that, we have arranged for you both to be transferred to Rome. He will continue his treatment there, under you.
SUNG: [ sigh] Of course. I'll do my best, doctor.
VIDIC: I expect no less.

[ transmission ends]
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