Assassin's Creed: At Cross Roads

Danny Cross related


26. December 12th 2012 ~ Rome, Italy

A phone call following the capture of William Miles (the father of Desmond Miles) in Cairo by Templar Agent, Juhani Otso Berg.

VIDIC: Vidic
CROSS: Finally! You know how many messages I left you?
VIDIC: I'm a busy man, Daniel. What do you want?
CROSS: What do I—? Look, it's bad enough you made this bastard a Master behind my back...
VIDIC: We informed you of our decision.
CROSS: Yeah. And you told me why Rikkin didn't invite me to that meeting... Medical condition my ass. [ sigh] Still, I played nice, went along with it. Welcomed this jerk into the Order... Never said a damn word. Not to you, not to your bitch, England.
VIDIC: Daniel.
CROSS: Shit. I didn't mean it like that. But you sent Berg to Cairo. Trusted him more than me... Hell, this guy is still wet behind the ears. What can he do that I haven't done a million times already?
VIDIC: Daniel, you're the best operative we have, but we can't send you on every mission. I assure you, I have full confidence in your abilities.
CROSS: Bullshit!
VIDIC: Listen to me. I will tell you something none of the others know.
CROSS: Yeah?
VIDIC: You know why I didn't push for you to go to Cairo?

[ silence]

VIDIC: William Miles is of no consequence. He's bait. Nothing more. Truth is, Daniel, I need you to focus on Desmond. He's the one
we need. He's the real target.
CROSS: [ sigh] Desmond. Right.
VIDIC: Well, you did promise you would get him back for us.
CROSS: Yeah. And I will. You know you can count on me.
VIDIC: Haven't I always?

[ transmission ends]
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