Change (Ashton Irwin) *ON HOLD*

Maria Kelly is a straight A student with her life figured out. She is very focused on her school work she is sofistucated and always does what's expected of her. She never goes out any spare time she has she is at home studying everyone thinks she is angelic but when Ashton comes to town their thoughts are changed for good.
(5SOS vampire fanfic)


9. Chapter 5 What is happening? 😑



"I had a mint weekend, what about you's what did you's do?" Olivia questioned. "Studied." I answered. "Seems.. Fun?.." Olivia said with an awkward expression. "I went to a party on Saturday with Bree. It was fun, you should have came Maria!." "Hayley you know I-" before I could answer the bell rang and it was time to go to first period, I had science so I had to walk over to the other building.


"I'm telling you Hayley there's something weird about him!" "Maybe.. He just doesn't like blood!" "No, but! .. I really hate you when your right." "You love me" "Unfortunately." I laugh. "Sorry, I have to go Mum needs me for something." "Okay, bye" I said as I hung up the phone. Maybe I should text him to apologise for getting mad at him, Like Hayley said maybe he just doesn't like blood.


"Your house is massive!, there's no way you live on your own" "I live with three of my mates from school" "Uh huh, who?" I said whilst checking the place out. "Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford." I turned around so I was looking at Ash "Michael Clifford?" Giving a 'Are you kidding me?' Look. "Yeah" he answered back. "He dates my sister. He's a fucking asshole." I stated.


I was in the middle of replying when I was startled by something getting thrown at my window. I stood up from the floor walked over to my bay window and opened it, The cold winters breeze hit my face.

"Pssst, Maria" Ashton said whispering so I could only just hear, I looked down and I saw him standing there.

Ashton's P.O.V

I woke up on the floor of Maria's bedroom. I sat up to look at her and she was still fast asleep, she looked like an angel and so peaceful I can't wake her. I searched around the cold room for my phone and found it on her desk, I checked the time and it read 4:50 am. Have I seriously been here all night? Carefully and quietly I opened Maria's bedroom door, walked out of the room and closed the door. I walked down the stairs and to the front door trying not to make creaking sounds on the hard wooden panel floor. The front door was locked but I just had to unlock it. Well that was easy.

Maria's P.O.V

ARGG! Stupid. Fucking. Alarm! I rolled over still having my eyes closed and vigorously tapped my phone until the constant beeping stopped. As I finally opened my eyes I noticed Ash was gone, he must have left before I woke up. Well obviously other wise I would have seen him, god I'm blond. I stood up and walked to my bay window to open the curtains, holy shit it's super bright out there IT BURNS. It's actually a really nice day today for once, I'm gonna walk to school. I walked over to my cupboard, selected the clothes and my under garments I'm going to wear then walked to the bathroom to take a shower.


After my shower I got dressed, put on my shoes, straightened my hair and did my makeup simple as always.

I exited the bathroom and walked back to my bedroom to pack my books. I checked the time and it was 8:34 so I grabbed my bag and walked down stairs. "Morning" I said to my Mum. "Morning, how did you sleep?" She asked with a smile. "Oh, um yeah good." I answered a little to fast. "Well that's good" "I'm going to walk to school now." I said and turned around to walk out the door. "Maria, hold on." Fuck busted. Kill me. I turned back around I could feel my face getting hot. "You forgot your phone" I let out a breath I never knew I was holding. "Oops, Thanks." I said and quickly walked out the door.


As I was halfway to school I got a text from Hayley

In text ~

Where were you yesterday?! I was a loner in like 3 classes.

Aw poor baby. I was at home sick

Oh haha. Are you coming today?

Yeah I'm almost at school

Okay cool. Sooo there's this guy I'm really into but I'm not sure if he feels the same way :/

Ohmygosh who is it?! And if you really like him then I say go for it!

Really you think I should?

Totally. Do ettttt!! :)

Okay I'm going to text him now! I'm actually nervous!

Don't worry everything will be fine !

Yeah, thanks xx oh and his name is Ashton btw!



I was in the middle of replying when I was pushed against a steel fence "Ow, what are you-" I looked up at the figure and he had black and white hair.. Aaand it's Michael. Fuck. "WHAT DID YOU TELL BRITNEY?!" He yelled so loudly I flinched. I tried to move but he had me pinned and he was holding my shoulders he is too strong. "What? I didn't tell her anything" I said trying to keep calm. "DONT FUCKING LIE TO ME!!" He said whilst pushing me onto the fence really hard, I gasped. "P- please just walk away" I said tears threatening to spill out of my eyes. I tried to move once again but he has one hand on my shoulder and one on my arm. He was squeezing it so hard I think it will leave a mark. As he was about to answer I see Ashton coming out of nowhere. He grabbed Michael and threw him into the ground and started punching him violently. I had no idea what to do. Should I leave? Yeah I should leave. I grabbed my phone off of the ground and the screen was cracked. ARGG I will have to deal with it later. As I started walking off I hear Ash yelling "IF YOU EVER TOUCH HER AGAIN I WONT STOP HITTING YOU! I WILL FUCKING END YOU!" My heart began to swell. Not at the 'I won't stop hitting you' thing. When he said if you touch her again. That was really sweet like I can't even.

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