Knecks and Hearts

Ellie is the queen of Ramadia. Ulysses is a poor baker. What are the odds of them falling in love, especially when it's against everything they've ever known? Inside is the heart wrenching tale of the love that was never meant to be, and the people who lived it.


2. Training begins

  I awoke to the loud banging at my door. I hastily jumped out of my uncomfortable chair i used as a bed last night and yawned a groggy "Come in." The door busts open and a tall strong man with a sword out bows in front of me and half yells " GOODMORNING QUEEN ELLIE WE WELCOME YOU AT THE RAMADIA CASTLE WHERE WE HOPE TO GIVE YOU THE BEST SERVICE AND HOME. I AM GENERAL ARMSTRONG AND WISH TO TRAIN YOU YOUR SELF DEFENSE CLASS." I tried my best to not be terrified of this tall probably 6'3 ft beast. Compared to my measly 5'3 I was nothing.He has blond almost white hair and a five o'clock shadow. His appearance said nothing but order and the look in his pale blue eyes made you wonder all the scars of his past battles he has seen. He had a dark red rock hanging from his neck. I snap out of my thoughts and clear my throat. " It is lovely to meet you General Armstrong. It is quite the honor to be trained by Ramadia's finest defense officer." I tried my best not to be nervous but it was no use. Although i'm not supposed to be nervous i am the queen after all. General Armstrong the replies " Right, well we must start our day as soon as possible. Today we will find out if you are gifted with any of our weapons and once we settle it training begins at 5 am to 12 pm every other day from now on. I will be waiting for you in the castle's garden after you dress and eat breakfast." Just like that he bows then leaves. I sigh and then look for the boxes to see that they are empty. all of the boxes are empty. Well then. That is quite strange. I hear a small knock on my door and a small voice say through the door " My queen, I am Rosa and was told by General Armstrong to help you get ready. May I come in?" I reply with " Of course Rosa." She comes in and tells me she had put up all my clothes and left anything else like decorations and such for me to decide their place. She pulls out an outfit and some combat boots and the says " Once you get changed i will be in the bathroom to do your hair and makeup if you wish." I nod and smile. "Thank you Rosa. If i may add, I really like the clothes you picked out." She smiles shyly and says a you're welcome. Rosa is very different then General Armstrong she is quiet and kind and has the quality of a good mother.She heads off to my giant bathroom. Man, i'm gonna get lost in this palace. I get dressed and then head off to my bathroom. Rosa then brushes and braids my hair delicately in an up-do and I love it. I thank her and then head off to the kitchen where there is a ham and cheese bagel with blueberry yogurt on the side and orange juice for my breakfast and scarf it down. I head off to the garden and greet people on my way. All of them are very kind I love the people of Ramadia. And I plan on keeping it safe.

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