Knecks and Hearts

Ellie is the queen of Ramadia. Ulysses is a poor baker. What are the odds of them falling in love, especially when it's against everything they've ever known? Inside is the heart wrenching tale of the love that was never meant to be, and the people who lived it.


6. Leap of Faith

I smile at the crowd, showing off my beautiful champaign number. The paprazzi snapped photographs. I silently thanked Rosa for my beautiful up-do, and  my dress, with the suicide slit up the thigh. My makeup was flawless, she knew just how to work with my pale complexion and bright blue eyes. My lips were the perfect shade of red. I had to say, I looked pretty good.

  I cleared my throat to silence the hushed whispers. "Hello, and greetings from everyone in Ramdia. We are eternally grateful for the opportunity to be here." I smiled, pausing to let the crowd applaud. Once they were done, I picked back up from where I left off.

"We appreciate everything we are given from Belding to be a country and to run as efficiently and happily as we do. We would like to express our appreciation in every way possible, but unfortunately, we will have to settle with this measly speech. With that being said, I'd like to express some... concerns Ramadia has as a country." I stop for a dramatic pause. Walking around on the stage, sashaying my beautiful dress, I smliled weakly at the crowd.

"You see, the necklaces have been around since before I was even born. They have chosen many marriages and soulmates over the course of Ramadia. I believe that there are some good qualities of the necklaces. For starters, they have paired together two people that are perfect for each other genetically. They have helped make beautiful children that will run our government in the years to come. For that, we are grateful. But, as all good things have, there are some cons. Notice as I said earlier, the necklaces match people who are made perfect for each other, genetically. That is where we run into a huge problem." I pause and look out to the astonished faces of the crowd.

"It turns out that, yes, the necklaces are flawed. A lot of times, necklace chosen marriages are not, in fact, perfect. The personalities of the two mates often clash or they are simply just not attracted to their mates." I picture my mother and father's relationship as i paced on the stage.

"We should be able to chose who we want to spend the rest of our lives with. Don't you think we'd be a happier, more efficient country with less drama inside the homes of my citizens? I promised that I would protect my citizens when I became queen. I swore that I would do anything they asked me to better improve my country. I love Ramadia, my country, with all my heart and I will stop at nothing to protect it. Which is why I have come here today to withdraw the country of Ramadia from Belding's rule."







Cliffhanger, eh? Hope you guys like! I worked pretty hard on this chapter, so yahh.

- Taylor :D

P.S any CC is greatly appreciated!

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