Long Lost Cousin

Sara and Tessa are two girls who go camping and meet One Direction and Sara meets her long lost cousin Louis Tomlinson THE Louis Tomlinson!!!!!!!


1. Patricks Point

Sara's POV

"We're here" my grandma said as we pulled up to the camp spot. "Ugh yes finally" my best friend Tessa said as I ran to the bathroom. When I came back Tessa and I went to find my mom and step dad's camp spot. It took us a while but then we finally found it my niece GiGi came running up to me and jumped on top of me and gave me a huge hug. " OMG GiGi you are getting so big" I said while I was holding her "how old are you now?" "6" she giggled "Oh my gosh you're so old" I said while she giggled. Hm I wonder where the other boys are? I have 3 nephews Brian (9 yrs.), Seth (10yrs.), and Aiden (12yrs.) and then I have a niece Gianna GiGi or G for short (6yrs.). Well I'm not really related to any of them because their mom Cindy is my step dad's daughter so my step sister I also have 2 other step sisters Brandy and Cassie then I have 2 step brothers Donovan and Cody. I don't like any of my step siblings except for Cindy. Well anyways I should probably get back to what's going on now. So after I finally figured out were the boys were btw they were in the tent my step dad asked me if I could come over to talk to him in private I knew that he was going to either hurt me or yell at me because that's what he's been doing to me ever since I was 10 now I'm 19. I walked over to him as slow as possible when I finally got over to him he yelled at me for a couple different things but I really wasn't paying any attention to what he was yelling at me for he noticed that I wasn't paying attention and got closer to me slapped me and kicked my leg then turned me around kicked my back then pushed me up against a tree and slapped me again because I started to cry. Then after he left me alone and walked away I ran as fast as I could to the bathrooms and found a bench behind the bathrooms and sat down and cried.

Niall's POV

when Paul told the boys and I we were going on break early I was kind of relieved when the boys and I decided to go camping for break we thought we should go somewhere in California and we found a place called Patricks Point so we decided to go there. When we got there I told the boys I had to use the toilet and I found the nearest bathroom.

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