Lexi has been through a lot. Her mom left her and her dad when she was 13. Her dad died from cancer when and was 15 and she is now turning 18 She met one direction when she was backstage at a concert. When she meets Ashton, what will happen to her world?


10. we are to high


I woke up and Ashton was laying next to me. I slipped out of bed and went into the kitchen. I started to make breakfast. I remembered in less than 10 hours I would be on a plane to America. I was excited. I almost burnt the bacon. I was wearing a bra and underwear with one of Ashton's shirts over it. My hair was up in a bun. I heard the stairs creaking. Then Ashton walked in. "Your killing me" he said biting his lip and checking me out.

I set the flippy thingy down and kissed him. He kissed my neck and got to my sweet spot and kissed there. "Ashton" I moaned. I pushed him away and went back to the stove. I finished and I set scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast on plates for me and Ashton.

When we finished eating he got up and cleaned the dishes. He got done and I told him I was getting a bath. I asked him if he wanted to join. He said "yeah" and I got ran to the bathroom and got undressed. He bit his lip and got himself undressed and ran water. I added some bubbles. He laughed and kissed me. It was passionate and a aggressive at the same time. He licked my bottom lip asking for entrance. I gave it to him. Our tongues danced and then I opened my eyes and realized the water was high enough. I pulled away and he moaned. I turned the water off and got in. He was in a moment after me.

The bath was filled with bubbles. We made contact with our eyes and I blushed and looked away. Then I looked back and looked at his perfectly toned abs and felt self conscious. I know that he's seen my body before but still. I bit my lip as stared at his abs. He laughed and said "take a picture it last longer." I giggled and said "why would I need a picture when I have you wrapped around my finger?" He smirked and kissed me. "Naughty boy. Not now." He pouted and I put bubbles around my mouth and made it look like a beard and he laughed and did the same. Then we kissed. We had a loss of air so we stopped and I said "I love you so much." He smiled and said "I love you to." I smiled and got out. I wrapped the towel around me and he got out too. We got dressed and drove to his house. We had our bags because we had to go on the plane soon. When we walked in I saw the boys and Emily.


When they walked in Lexi hugged everyone including me. Then Niall texted me. Weird.

From Niall: heard about the tour. Sucks for you. NO NANDOS!!!

To Niall: lol I know I'm gonna miss it!

From Niall: haha loser

To Niall: :p

At that moment I realized that Lexi had never been on a plane before. "Lexi can I talk you in private please?" She smiled and we walked into Luke's room.

"Are you gonna be ok. You haven't ever been on an airplane before." I said. She smiled and said "yea I will be perfectly fine."

~~~~on the plane~~~~


I was right. The announcer said "board the plane to America." It was sort of hard because of all of the fans swarming us. As soon as we got on Lexi started freaking out. She was saying things like "why is it so hot?" "Haha those walls are coming close to me." I laughed and said "I told you Lex." Ashton walked over to her and hugged her. They put their luggage away just like the rest of us and we all sat down in our seats in first class. I was sitting next to Luke.

I looked at him and bit my lip. He smiled. I was tired so I just set my head on his chest. "This is nice." He laughed and said "never been in first class before?" I replied with "no I haven't but I mean you and me." He lifted my head and kissed me. I pulled back and put my head back on his chest. Then I told him. "I'm a virgin." He looked shocked and then said "that's ok." I smiled and fell asleep.


Lexi was scared and was hugging me. We started to lift off and she hugged tighter. I kissed her forehead. "It's alright babe." I said. "Kissing you makes me feel better." She said. I kissed her and we had a make out session. She fell asleep on my chest. I fell asleep not long after that.


Me and Em were in the row in front of Ash and Lex. Michael and Calum were behind them. I was still half asleep when Ash tapped on my shoulder. "Me and you were supposed to share a room on the tour bus but I want to switch with Emily." He said. I smiled and Emily said "ok, as long as we don't hear things such as groans,moans,beds being creaked, and screams I'm ok with it." I laughed. I told Ash to tell Michael and Calum. He did. The plane landed soon after that and we got up.


I stumbled a little trying to get my bag out of the luggage thing. "Ashton help me please the bag won't come out of the thingy!" He laughed. He's taller and stronger so it wasn't a problem. He gave them to me and I pecked his lips and said "thanks" he smiled. W all got into a van and I already missed my Lamborghini. I pouted setting my head on Ashton's chest. I said "I miss my Lamborghini." Michael laughed along with Calum, Luke, and an adorable but dead Ashton. We were staying in the tour busses because we stayed in America for a while but we traveled around about every 2-4 days.

I walked into my room on the bus and called Emily to come and see our room. Instead of Em, Ashton walked in. "Hey lex, she didn't tell you? I will sadly be staying with you." I laughed and said "I call too bunk." He smirked and said "I guess we will be sleeping on the top bunk." I laughed and hit his chest. "talk dirty to me." He jokingly said. I replied "two pigs were in mud." Then he kissed me. I pulled away and walked out of the room and called back to him "I'm going shopping with Emily. Then I went into Luke and Em's room and pulled her away from her kiss with Luke. "She's mine" I laughed and pulled her out of the room. "I have a concert to start tomorrow!" I said. "Ok we're going shopping." She said.

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