Lexi has been through a lot. Her mom left her and her dad when she was 13. Her dad died from cancer when and was 15 and she is now turning 18 She met one direction when she was backstage at a concert. When she meets Ashton, what will happen to her world?


2. the date


I drove to the boys house. They all live together. I knocked and Ashton answered. "Hey" he said. "Hi" I replied with. He let me in. We sat on the couch.


"Luke is in the shower. I can go get him if you want." No it's fine" she smiled. I asked her, "so how are you? "Good" she said. "I just need to get a new outfit later and my friend is busy. "She replied. I can go with you if you want? "Yea that would be nice", she smiled.

When we got to the store I helped her pick a dress out. "So you are quite extraordinary." She replied and said "not really." I don't believe you." What's your story?"


"My mom left me and my dad. And my dad died from cancer a few years ago. I'm 17 and I love One Direction and of course 5 Seconds Of Summer." He smiled and said "I'm sorry." It's ok."

Suddenly he pulled me in slowly by my waist. He pecked my lips. Then pulled away. "I'm sorry your just so beautiful" he said.

I couldn't help but blush. He was so cute and nice. His dimples were so cute. Its ok. Then we continued to shop. He help me pick out a dark blue dress with black hearts and a laced part top. The shoes were blue and silver heels. I picked a silver heart shaped necklace.

~~~~~~~~~~the next day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I woke up and got dressed. I wore black shorts with a white shirt and black combat boots. I went to see Ashton. I know it's wrong but I needed to see him.

When I got there Calum opened the door. "Hey Calum." Hey" he said. I walked in and went into Ashton's room to him playing a song on his drum-set.

You look so perfect standing there in my American apparel underwear and I know now that I'm so down.

Then he stopped because he saw me.


"Hi" I said. "Hey" she said. "Luke is out getting stuff for your date." It's fine, I came to see you" oh?" I said. She replied saying "about yesterday, it shouldn't be weird." K" I said. She got mad then. "Is k all you have to say. You kissed me and now all you have to say is k!" I got mad to and stood up. "What do you want me to say. It wasn't an accident I kissed you. It was because when I first laid my eyes on you I knew you were beautiful and I would go out of my way to let you know that. Or that when Luke asked you out it broke my heart because that's what I wanted to do?"


I couldn't help it. He was so sweet. So what did i do? I kissed him. And not just a peck on the lips a kiss. A long meaningful kiss. We heard the door open and we pulled back. It was Luke. He saw me and said "I have a question for you." I said "ok" and smiled. "Will you give me the honor of you being my girlfriend?" I half smiled and looked at Ashton. Then I looked back and said "yes?"


It broke my heart into smaller pieces than before. I teared up and walked out of the room. I saw Calum and Michael sitting on the couch. "What's wrong?" Michael said. "Nothing." So, what are you guys watching.?" Calum responded with "family guy." So I sat and watched with them.


Lexi left because our date was in about 2 hours. I got ready. I put my tux on and my brand new cuffs. I had black shoes on and I made reservations to a fancy restaurant called Jabula.


I put my dress on and put a little make up on. I don't like it still but this was my first date with my new boyfriend. Boyfriend, I like the ring to that.

I was just ready at that moment and I heard a knock on the door. I put another coat of lip gloss on and looked at the time. It was 7:30. My date didn't start until 8. It was Ashton. He looked at me and said "I really like you and you are an awesome kisser. But that's not important. You are beautiful. You are kind. You are making a mistake. I know Luke, he's doing this so you will fuck him."

"Know do I know you don't just want to fuck me." I said. "You can trust me." I couldn't help it. I knew he was looking out for me and he was so cute for it but I like Luke and Ashton but Luke got to me first. I kissed him. I couldn't help it. He was so cute. It went on for a while.

Then i opened my mouth a little for his tongue to slip through. His hand went up the back of my shirt and touched the small of my back. I let him in. We went to the couch. He stopped and said "we should stop. This is cheating." I agreed and I pecked him on the lips and he left.

About 10 minutes later Luke came and picked me up.


She looked pretty. We went to the restaurant and it was fun. We talked and laughed and had a glass of wine. At the end of the night we kissed. It was about 5 seconds long. Then I took her home and I told her she should come over tomorrow. She said yes and I left.

When I walked in the boys were on the couch. "How was the date?" Ashton said. I answered with "good." I smiled and went to my room.

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