Lexi has been through a lot. Her mom left her and her dad when she was 13. Her dad died from cancer when and was 15 and she is now turning 18 She met one direction when she was backstage at a concert. When she meets Ashton, what will happen to her world?


6. mommy problems


I couldn't help but cry. I haven't seen her in five years. "Your my producer?" I said. "Yea" she answered in a half smile. "Why are you here. You left me. I have no respect for you at all. You didn't even come when dad died."

"I'm sorry, there is no excuse for what I did." Im producing your cd though so I need you to work with me." I looked at her and walked away.


She looked so fragile. I ran after her. I held her in my arms and let her cry on my shoulder.

"Just let yourself cry" I confronted her.

Then her mom walked in. I'm gonna leave. Be at the studio tomorrow at 5 pm sharp.

"Why is she acting like she's my mother or something?" She said. "Well babe, she sort of is your mother." I said wiping her tears away with a tissue. "Oh yea I forgot." She said.


I tried to stop crying because i knew it broke his heart. Then I got a text.

From Luke: I haven't seen you in a couple of days wanna go on a date later?

To Luke: yea sure :)

From Luke: pick u up at 9?

To Luke: yea

Ashton said "date huh?" I did a half smile and put a finger over my mouth and said "keep it a secret."

I could see him getting jealous. "It's ok Ash." No it's not" he said. We just had sex and now your going on a date with Luke. What happens when he finds out about us?" I told him "he won't." He responded and said "what if he does?" I rolled my eyes and whispered "kiss me." He did it. It was a nice kiss.

We spend most of the day together until Ashton left because I needed to get ready for the date.

~~~~~the next day~~~~~~

I got ready and went to the boy's house. I wanted Ashton to come with me to the studio. Luke was offended.

"You two have been spending a lot of time together" he said. "Luke that's because were friends." I smiled and kissed Luke.

We went and I saw my mom. I rolled my eyes and did what I needed to because I wanted to get over with it.

She told me that I would start opening up for some band in a few months. Then about after a year I would start my own tour. I nodded and walked over to Ashton who was outside surrounded by the press and fans.

We hurried to the car.


"I have to tell you something" she said. "In a few months I have to leave and open for a band or something. "Did they tell you what band yet?" I said. "Not yet." She said.

"I have a confession too." I said. She looked up at me. "What." I'm gonna be leaving soon too for a tour. It's in America." She said, "my mom said mine starts in the UK somewhere." She cried.

"We will get though this." I said.

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