Lexi has been through a lot. Her mom left her and her dad when she was 13. Her dad died from cancer when and was 15 and she is now turning 18 She met one direction when she was backstage at a concert. When she meets Ashton, what will happen to her world?


17. kiss me kiss me


I woke up and I was cuddling with Ashton. I sat myself up and got out of the bed. "Come on back." Ashton groaned.

I smiled "I have to get changed and showered."

I grabbed clothes and went into the tour bus bathroom. I got a shower and put my clothes on. It's cold outside so I went with a pair of black leggings, a pink sweater that has a laced back, and a pair of hot pink vans. I pulled my hair up into a high pony and went back to Ashton.

He was sleeping. I hit him with a pillow. "Wake up sleepy."

He moaned "come on."

"Ariana is gonna be here soon. Plus Luke and Emily need the bus all to themselves today." I said smiling.

He stood up and laughed. He tried to kiss me but I pulled away. "Mister we aren't dating."

He sighed "what ever. I'm just confused about how you can resist me."

I laughed "it's actually quite easy."

I walked away and stepped off of the bus. There were 3 busses here. 1D's bus, our bus, and Ariana Grande's bus. I quickly ran onto the 1D bus.

I opened the door and 5 boys were sitting eating breakfast. They fast stood up. I ran over to Niall first and gave him a big hug and kissed his cheek.

Then I went over to Louis. He kissed my cheek and we hugged. I went to Liam and Zayn and have them big hugs and kissed them on the cheeks. "I missed you boys." I told them.

They smiled and Niall said "we all missed you too."

Then Harry coughed to get our attention. "Did you forget to give someone a hug?" He asked.

I laughed "ok come here." I was gonna hug him but Louis cut in. Harry groaned "don't hog here boobear."

I laughed and went and hugged Harry. I smiled. He whispered in my ear "I missed you."

I smiled at his comment "I missed you too."

Then I pulled away. "Boys i would love to stay and watch Niall eat all of your food stock, but I have to talk to Harry."

They laughed and I directed my attention to Harry. "Come with me styles."

We went outside and I started saying. "Ok so me and Ash are doing this thing. Me and you can go on a date. Kiss, hold hands, hug. No sex. Ariana and Ash are gonna do the same."

Harry laughed "awesome and I would love to take you out on a date but what made you guys think of this?"

I laughed "good we can leave soon and spend the day together. And it was more me. I've always wanted to see what it would be like to kiss and date Harry styles."

He smiled "wanna see how it is to kiss me right now?"

I bit my lip and nodded. He put his hands on my cheeks and pulled me in slowly and kissed me. Our lips moved in sync. I felt sparks. Crap this can't be happening. I pulled away.

"Harry do you like me?" I asked him. I could tell he was caught off guard but then he answered. "You have no idea. I spend everyday thinking about you. You are absolutely so beautiful."

I nodded and he asked "why?"

I bit my lip then answered "I am in love with Ashton. When we kiss I fell fireworks. But when I just kissed you Harry." I paused for a second.

Then I started again "it felt right. I felt the same sparks I feel with Ashton."

He nodded. Then he said "well does that mean you like me?"

I looked away for a second "I think so. But Harry. I'm with Ashton. I have to push away these feelings. You need to find a pretty girl that lights up your world and likes you."

He smiled and pulled me closer to him "you just said you liked me. So that means I already found the perfect girl you just explained."

I kissed him. I felt those sparks again. I pulled away. "We can spend the day together but that's it. We cut off."

He nodded "let's go to a hotel for the day. We can go to the pool, hang out and order room service, and for the day I get to kiss you when ever I want."

I smiled "I'm in."

He smiled back and we had Paul walk us to a hotel that was near by.


I got ready. I walked over to Ariana's bus. I knocked. She came out and looked really pretty. I complimented her "you look pretty."

She blushed "thanks. You look good too."

I nodded "thanks."

I explained everything to her and she agreed. We decided to have a picnic today. We set up a picnic basket and walked to a park.

When we set up two fans came over. "Can we have your autographs and pictures with you?" They asked us. We agreed and signed things and took pictures with them.


Surprisingly we were only stopped by 2 fans so far. We have been at the park for about 10 minutes and I'm already having fun.

We talked, laughed, and even saw Calum and Michael walking to somewhere.

"Michael and Calum where are you going?" Ashton asked them.

They both said "movies. We heard sounds coming from Luke and Emily's room."

Me and Ashton both laughed and they left. Ashton leaned over and kissed me. Our lips moved together. I couldn't tell if I felt sparks or not because it didn't last long enough.

We started to eat again.


Now that everyone was gone me and Luke wanted to do something. We started watching tv when he kissed me. It was a rough kiss.

I pulled at the hem of his shirt. I pulled it over his head and he grabbed it. We moved to a bed. He pulled my shirt off and I moved to his pants. I pulled his pants off but when they got to low for me he kicked them off.

I pulled my pants off and then he pulled off his boxers. He started unclipping the clasp of my bra. When it was finally off he moved to my underwear.

I can guess you can imagine what happened after that.


So I'm publishing this chapter because I'm going camping tomorrow! So here ya go. Next chapter they will still be on their dates. So enjoy

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