Lexi has been through a lot. Her mom left her and her dad when she was 13. Her dad died from cancer when and was 15 and she is now turning 18 She met one direction when she was backstage at a concert. When she meets Ashton, what will happen to her world?


3. I know something you can cheat on


I sat on my bed thinking. The date was good and I like Luke but the kiss wasn't magical like Ashton and I's. It didn't spark.


I woke up thinking about her. Her soft lips against mine. How I wanted to kiss her again. How she tasted. She was so good.


I woke up and got a call from Lexi. She told me how she was dating Luke Hemmings. I freaked out. She was serious. But she had feelings for Ashton too.

"Ok I'm coming over" I said.

When I got there she was ready. She made me get in her car and we drove to the boy's house in her Lamborghini. Gosh I loved this car. When we got there we walked to Luke's room.


I introduced Luke and Em. I could tell she liked him and I didn't care. I said I had to go to the bathroom but really I went into Ashton's room. I walked to him and before he could say anything I kissed him.


I needed that. I could tell she did to. She handed me a note and left. It said

"Meet me at the soccer field at the country club later. Bring a ball. Come at 7. ;)


I like Lexi's friend and I could tell she likes me. But I am dating Lexi and I like Lexi. When Lexi walked in I smiled and she say next to me. "I have to go to the studio" she said. "Ok" I smiled. She pecked me on the lips and her and Em left.


"Can I come?" Emily said. "Sure" I smiled. We went to the studio and I finished recording my demo finally. "A producer needs to look at this, send it off, sell it, then if things go good tour will start about a year after that. You would start to open first for people." The lady that recorded it said.

I took Em back to my house and it was about 6:30 so I told her I needed to go take my mind off stuff so she left. I got into some short shorts a muscle shirt, and a pear of tennis shoes. When I got to the country club it was 7:05. Ashton was there already.


I swear when she walked over to me she looked like an angel.

We went outside and no one was there. We played for a little and then we say down to her drinks. "Your good." I told her. "Thanks" she said. I played on the team in middle school then I started recording and I left school.

"So, why did you tell me to come down here." She said, "well I kissed Luke and it didn't feel right. With you it feels magical and with him it doesn't." I smiled "how magical?" She replied with a smirk. "Very."


I kissed him, again. It was nice. When we stopped I smirked again and said "I think I have a crush on the hot drummer boy." He smiled and said " I know I have a crush on the sexy singer girl." Then we kissed again. He pulled back and then got up and started kicking again. I ran after him and chased him. When he finally stopped I jumped into his arms and wrapped my legs around him.

I smiled and kissed him again. This was wrong but i liked wrong in this case.

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