Once Upon a Summer

Helena is a suicidal girl and she thinks cutting is the answer to everything but when Prince Charming comes around she finds herself falling in love. She finds more to life than just self-harm. But will she ever be able to forgive her sister ? Or her friends?


3. Texting

"By the way I'm Harry," Says the flawless boy. 

"Helena, or Genevieve, whichever." I say. He smiles and we shake hands. 

"Do you want to exchange numbers?" He asks. I nod. 

We switch phones and take a picture of the other and type each of our numbers in. Then, once again switch the phones. We both start walking towards the entrance door. If you're wondering about that shirt he owed me: I already bought it. 

My new Starbucks t-shirt smells like coffee and it reminds me of the incident of how I'd gotten it. I start to walk in the direction of my house down the street and I turn my head to find Harold following me. 

"What?" I ask " You're stalking me now?" He casually shakes his head, with a chuckle.

"No, I decided I'm walking you home. That way I get to know you." 

I nod. "Okay then, what do you want to know?" 

"Do you have any brothers or sister? and, if yes how many are you in total?"

"I have 12 brothers and sisters, we are 13 in total, 2 being adopted and I am the 9th child." 

"Wow, how does it feel?"

I sigh and decide to tell him the truth. I start to boil inside. 

"I am invisible, unloved, bullied, bossed around, insignificant, and being broken to pieces from inside out." 

I paused and then, trying to calm down. 

"What else do you want to know ?" 

"Why do you feel this way?" I flinch at the care and gentleness in his voice.

"Because I come from a big family and  it just feels that way. I'm not smart and I don't care about school. I don't want to live anymore. I cut myself almost everyday, I tried stopping but it feels like there is this hole inside me that needs filling."I paused and about to continue when he speaks. 

"What if I can fill that hole?" 

I'm struck by his words.

"Can you?" I felt a little hope rising inside of me and in my life. 

"I can try, but It'll take time and the only way I'll succed is with God's help. 

I nod understanding. "It's not going to be easy, I don't how long you'll be around me though. I usually shut people out with no excuse, explanation or hesitation."

"Hey, first of all I'm not saying it'll be easy I am just saying it is going to be worth it. About the shutting out part it's okay. I've  been shut out before lots of times and you'll probably want me back anyway, well, hopefully." He smiles. 

We suddenly stop walking as we get to my house. We say our goodbye and I walk in. I go upstairs, take a shower and come down for dinner. We call pray and to everyone's urprise and mine I start eating. 

"Woah, what happened to you? Are you okay?" Jacob asked. I shrug and finish eating. I ran up the stairs and up to my room in the attic. Just as I settle on my bed I hear my phone ring and I grab it from the bedside table. 


Harry: Hi! :) 

Me: What happened? Miss me already?

Harry: Actually, yes. How's your everything?

Me: Great! No scars or bad feelings here. you?

Harry: I told my mum what happened. 

Me: And? :D 

Harry: She said that if I sweep you off your feet to bring you home.

Me: What for? 

Harry: She wants to meet you for some reason and badly all because of 'the way I described you'.

Me: :) Maybe she will. soon enough. 

Harry: What about that date I owe you? When is it going to happen?

Me: I don't lnow we'll see. 

Harry: When?

Me: Soon enough. We'll talk tomorrow. I'm beat. See you! x

Harry: Okay. Good night Helena. Sweet Dreams! <3 (hug) 

Me: Thanks. Oh, and Harry?

Harry: Yeah?

Me: You've already swept me off my feet.

Harry: :0 Really? 

Me: Yeah, Nighty night. Sleep tight. xx

Harry: Night. x

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