Once Upon a Summer

Helena is a suicidal girl and she thinks cutting is the answer to everything but when Prince Charming comes around she finds herself falling in love. She finds more to life than just self-harm. But will she ever be able to forgive her sister ? Or her friends?


7. Questions and Theories

"Harry, how old are you?" My father asked. I sigh knowing where this is going. "Wait," My father stops him from answering. "Joshua, switch places with Genevieve."

I get up and go sit next to Harry. My hands are under the table and I heel Harold's hand slip into mine. We look at each other and smile. 

"Now, answer my question." My father continues. 

"I'm 17, sir." Harry answers.

"Do you work?" My dad says.

"In a bakery on weekends during school time and Monday to Saturday when school is out." 

"How much do you gain?"

"It doesn't matter how much I gain sir but to answer your question I gain 3 pounds an hour, Mr.Black and to answer your follow up question I work 6-8 hours a-day." 

There was a short pause. 

"Very well," My dad says after thinking this through. "Now you listen here. My daughter Genevieve is my most precious jewl out of all." 

"Sir, I'd like to ask you; May I date your daughter?" 

"Yes you may, but dare break her heart or anything I will come after you and make sure you pay for it."

"Yes sir," Said Harry, tightening his grim around my hand.

I let go on his hand and walk him to the door and we say our goodnights. I turn around and see Pepper behind me. 

"I admit I'm a little jelous but, one thing i gotta tell you. Don't let him go, cherish him. I have a feeling you guys are meant to be."

I smile, say thank you and walk to my room. I change to sweat pants and a shirt and get into bed. Then I hear a tap on my window. I go and open it. I see nothing and nobody.
"Looking for someone?" I hear Harry say. I look up. 
"I think I'm looking for you." I say. I go back inside and he also enters my room. 
We sit on the bed and I hear my parents talk.
"Shh," I tell Harry.
"She has to marry him," I hear my mum.
"She will not, I do not like him. I don't want him around my daughter but I will allow it just for now."
"You will break her heart Kyal."
"I know but it will be for her won good."
I stop listening, it doesn't make sense. Dad seemed to like Harry. What was going on? 
"How can you hear them?" Harry asks.
"Te floor boards are a little loose on this side and you can hear everything. From your side where you are you can't hear. It's a little hard to understand but it's just that way. On half of my room you hear everything and the other nothing."
"You know what's weird?" I ask Harry.
"I heard my dad saying he doesn't like you while my mum is talking about marriage."
"Maybe you're mum thinks we're meant to be or something,"
"That's what Pepper said," I say. 
"What?" He says again.
"Pepper told me she's a bit jelous but to just cherish you because she thinks we're meant to be."
"They're only theories." He says. 
"Yes," I agree. "Theories that can be true and I wouldn't mind if they were."
"Me either." He sasys, leaning in and giving me a kiss on the chick.
Now, about Pepper," He tells me. 
"Wait, no, I want her to be here," I say.
"Okay, sure babe, whatever you say." I smile at the nickname. I go out and get Pepper, bring her in the room and sit her on the bed. I go around and take my space to face them both.
"Now shoot," I tell Harry. 

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