Once Upon a Summer

Helena is a suicidal girl and she thinks cutting is the answer to everything but when Prince Charming comes around she finds herself falling in love. She finds more to life than just self-harm. But will she ever be able to forgive her sister ? Or her friends?


2. First Sight

I always distance myself from my family. Yes, it feels bad but I do it for their sake. They don't need to feel the same pain I feel every single day. 
"Gen, aren't you eating?" Michaelasked me. 
"No, she never eats." Elizabeth, one of the adopted kids says. 
Michael doesn't quite comprehend. I roll my eyes, get up and walk out the door. I stop Starbucks on my way to school and get a coffee. 
I walk awhile and cross street, and I'm now walking  through the school gray, metal doors. I ignore all the idiots that bump into me and walk to my locker to find the one person who always makes my day, Sim. I walk up to him and hug him. 
"Hi," I say pulling back and opening my locker. 
I immediatly jump back as a bunch of blue envelopes fall from it. 
"Um... Your friends didn't want to wait, they were scared they'd be late to class.'
I smiled as I start to pick them up one by one. Sim also bends down and helps me. He gives me the rest as we're back on our feet. I start looking at my name recognizing the handwriting of each person on each individual envelope.
I name each person in order of the letters in my head; Jasim, Rose, Kate, Angelika, Chloe, Madison Angie and Lisa. I look up at Sim and smile when I smile when I see this hand outstreched with a blue envelope of his own. 
I take it and put it in my back with the rest. Sim takes my hand and we walk to our first class. sim takes most of my classes and he always sits next to me to make sure nothing happens. 
Due to my cuts and because I don't eat too much I get dehydrated easily and I usually faint or get a migrane. sometimes, I even get breadowns or throw up. It all depends on how my morning starts.
There is one thing I'd like to get clear and that is that Sim is not my boyfriend. He is my bff and something like my older brother. There is nothing romantic going on between us. We've been best friends ever since i can remember. 
The day passes by quickly and in the blink of an eye the school bell rings announcing Summer Vacation. I kiss sim on the scheek and run toward the mall. Why the mall? you ask. Not to shop but, to think. The mall to me is like my refudge. I can walk around and think all I want. 
As I'm walking and I try to gather my thoughts i find myself being blinded by tears. Then I can't see where I'm going anymore. I feel something running into me with speed and it knocks me down on the floor. My head its the concrete and immediatly it starts hurting. I sit up, whipe my tear and about to get up when someone offers me a hand. I look up, to see a flawless boy. 
"I'm sorry," He says.
"It's okay. I should've been more careful where I was walking. It's my fault." I say totally cast under his spell. 
"Please, I insist, allow me to make up for it. " I open my mouth to speak but he continues his sentence before I can start mine. "I'll buy you a new shirt, it's the least I can do for ruining the one you're wearing." His voice ever so smooth and caring.
I look at my shirt. I haven't even notice it was covered in coffee. 
"It's fine," I say and I start to walk away. He takes my hand and I die a little. The only boy ever to hold my hand is Sim. He tightens his grip and pleads. 
"Please," I look away from him and straight ahead and se Sim looking at me, laughing. The boy, however, took my looking away as a no and he starts pleading even more. 
"Please let me make up for it." He says as he gets to his knees now holding my hand in both of his. 
"Fine," I say nodding so Sim could see." But it's going to take more than that to make up for ruining my shirt and my afternoon."
He gets up, smiling. 
"How about a date?" I think this over.
"Sure," I smile back. 

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