Once Upon a Summer

Helena is a suicidal girl and she thinks cutting is the answer to everything but when Prince Charming comes around she finds herself falling in love. She finds more to life than just self-harm. But will she ever be able to forgive her sister ? Or her friends?


5. First Date

I wake up because of my ringing phone. I don't open my eyes yet I feel of my phone and answer it. 

"Hello?"  I say. The person on the other end chuckles and I knowwho it is. I play dumb. 

"Listen here, whoever you are either you tell me what you called for- not that I care - or you hang up. it's not nice to wake up people this early!" 

"Basically, you're telling me you don't want to go out for a coffee with me and Helena, it's 10:45 am." Hearing his voice makes me smile. 

"Fine call me in 10 minutes and i'll have a different answer."

He hangs up and I sprint to the bathroom. It takes 8 minutes to take a shower and get dressed. Exactly 10 minutes after he hang up he calls again and I am almost at the bottom of the stairs.

"Yes," I say answering the phone. 

"Good morning Helena, do you want to grab a coffee with me?"

"I do, but let me see what my mum says."

"You have to ask?" He asks amused.

"No Harold, but mornings are usually family time."

"Oh," He says understanding. 

I walk into the kitchen; still on the phone. 

"Morning mum, can I go to a coffee with one of my friends?"

"When?" She asks calmly.

"Harrry?" I ask the hpone knowing he can hear her. 

"I don't know, 11:45?" He suggests. 

"Sure," I answer him. "Mum, 11:45." I tell mum.

"But we usually have family time." 

"I know but just this once please?"

"Okay," She says. "Where? When? With who? and When are you coming back?"

"Starbucks," Says Harry",11:45, with me and you'll be home by lunch."

"Starbucks," I tell my mum. " 11:45, with my friend Harry a nd I'll be back before lunch."

"Harry?" my mum says, "Is this the boy that made you be in a better mood the past 2 days?"

"Yeah," I tell her, setting the phone down hoping Harry had hang up but I know he didn't.

"So, this is a date?"

"Kind of, " I say. " It's not really official because he owes me from  spilling his drink on me yesturday in the mall,: I explain to my mum the whole story.

"So do you like him?" She asks curiously. 

"Yes," I say. 

"Okay, go get him. Remember baby girl, play hard to get."

"That's kind of hard to do with Harry, mum."  

'Well invite him to dinnerthen, and we'll see."

"Tonight?" I ask and she nodds. I smile, kiss her and run out the door. 

I run down the street to the Starbucks shop and find Harry. 

We spend the whole morning together, talking, laughing and having fun. 

"By the way, this is an official date." He says. "Yes, I did hear your conversation with your mum, and I like you too.: He smiles. I laugh lightly. 

"So, how many girls have you dated?"" I ask. 

"3," he says "Emily, Pepper and now you." I smile. 

"Did you say Pepper?" I ask hoping it's not my sister Summer because there are not many girls called Pepper in Holmes Chapel. 

"Yes, Pepper Black, I don't know if you know her. She has red hair, about 5 foot and 7 inches and bright..."

"green eyes," I finish. He looks at me. 

"How's you know?"

"She's my sister." I tell him. "Summer Pepper Black."

From there conversation got a little akward. After a while of walking we get to my house.

"Where's your reoom?" He asks. I take him around. 

"Up there," I point to the attic. He nodds. 

"Hey, my mum asked me to invite you for dinner tonight."

He agrees, "Let me guess 7?"

"No,6." I say. He nodds again, kisses my cheeck and flees as we hear a window opening. 

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