Once Upon a Summer

Helena is a suicidal girl and she thinks cutting is the answer to everything but when Prince Charming comes around she finds herself falling in love. She finds more to life than just self-harm. But will she ever be able to forgive her sister ? Or her friends?


1. Blade Under The Name of Him

It's a chilly afternoon in Holmes Chapel, England. I pull my sleeves from my jacket down over the tips of my fingers.  I take in a deep breath and lean my head back so it can rest against the giant oak tree. It's slowly drizzling and the wind is blowing quite hard. I close my eyes and let my mind wonder. 
I think of all the great things that have happened in my life up to now but my mind wonders back to one thing and one thing only - him. Every morning as I walk in the rain I see him driving by, and I can't help but feel pain. As I walk through the school corridor people act as though I don't exist, they bump into me and step on me like I'm nothing. 
This makes me homesick. He was home to me, and even though I've written in my memory, like I write with black ink on white paper, I flip through the pages and and weap. I became strong as I veer through life and through my journey across the world. No matter how hard times get I remember the smile on my face when I was with him. An adage says, "If you're going through hell, keep going." I aloof myself from him now, he is hell to me, my burden and my mistake that I wish I can undo. But, instead of getting over it, I stick to the pain and tears. 
I didn't  want to be like them, I wanted to be different so that's why he became my best friend. At the time, though, what I didn't know is that he's hurt me. However, he did and badly. 
The wind blows across my face and i open my eyes realizing I'm crying. The whole field in front of me is green. The flowers are about to bloom and my dear friend, the sun, is going down to visit other people on the other side of the world. As I admire the beauty in front of me my mind once again wonders back to him.
Soon, when I'll fall asleep I do it with fear  in me that I wouldn't see the next day. I cry as I wish I can go back in time and vere had even heard of him. Fear is taking over me as I try to calm my shaking breath. You know there is a story about a girlwho paints a pretty picture, but that story has a twist her paintbrush is her blade and her canvass is her wrist. I slowly close my eyes as I see my gurdian angel takes my hand, assuring me that God will be always with me. 

I wake up to see the beautiful sunrise through the window in front of my bed. The first thing I think of when I wake up? My scars. I lift my arm and look at the cuts on it. 24 bloodshot red lines go down my right arm. I lift my left arm up and cound 19 scars and as fas as I know there are 6 on my right tigh and 5 on my left. I get up, and find him resting on my bedside table. I take him and go to take a shower. 15 minutes later I come out with 2 more scars pon my left arm. I look in the mirror and see that my attire is erfect for oth hiding my scars and the weather outside. 
My black long-sleeve t-shirt is a little big and goes up to the buds of my fingernails and my blue jeans, too, are a little too long, but thanks to my perfect-sized black flats, it's hidden fron the naked eye. My hair is fixed in a high ponytail and my school bag is over my shoulder. I hide him in his hiding place and open the door, then go downstairs into the dinning room to find all my brothers and sisters sitting in order from oldest to youngest. I mentally name each in that order to see if they are all 12: Michael, Julia, summer, elizabeth, Emma, Daniel, Jacob, Zachury, then I walk to take my place and continue, Alexis, Joshua, Justin and Lily. My mum and dad are sitting at the end of each head of the table. We all pray together and everyone starts eating, everyone that is except me. Truth is i'm never hungry and I never want to eat. I'm always too depressed to do so. 


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