Let's Play A Game

"I heard you're a player, so let's play a game."


1. Prologue

I leaned against my car, witnessing another heartbreak. The girls cheeks are burning red with embarrassment as Harry tells her the same old thing he tells every girl, "I got what I wanted from you now get the fuck out of my face, you should've known by now that I don't date. I party with you, I fuck you, then I get rid of you. This is the part when I get rid of you, now go away."

A tear falls down her cheek as she says basically what every other girl says, "I thought you were different." How cliche is this? A non-stopping cycle, repeating until he's an old man with no life. And as usual she runs off, covering her mouth to hide the pathetic sobs of embarrassment and shame of sleeping with a low life jerk.

Once she's gone it's mine turn to step in, now this is not a cycle. This is something rather new that I'm going to try but Harry Styles hates my guts, let's see how this works out. I pop a piece of gum into my mouth and walk up to the cold hearted monster, "Hey."

"What do you want?" He spat.

"Can't a girl make conversation? Do be an ass about it." I bite back the other things I wanted to yell in his face.

"Why are you here." I can tell he's losing his patients.

"I heard you're a player, so let's play a game." I said exactly what I had planned in my head the last week.

"Have you fucking lost your damn mind? I don't want anything to do with you, let alone play a game with you." He pulls out a cigarette, places it between his plump, pink lips and lights it.

I give him a disgusted look before continuing on with the script I mentally written in my head, "Let's sweet talk, play fight, talk 24/7, tell each other good morning and good night every day, take walks together, give each other cute nicknames, hang out with each others friends, go on dates, talk on the phone all night, hold each other, kiss and hug, and whoever falls in love first? Loses." I examine his expressionless face.

"I can't stand being next to you right now, let alone hang out all the time, be nice, and kiss you? Hell no." He states firmly.

"If I lose you can take my virginity because I know how much you love doing that to every other girl."

Now he seems interested, "And what happens if you win? I mean, I know that you're not because I don't believe in love but I just want to know what you're planning to get out of this."

"Just the fact that I got the all time, low life, cold hearted, monster to fall in love. Well and you have to stop smoking." I smirk.

"This seems easy, I give you ten days to fall in love with me."

I huff, "Hell no."

His eyes slowly roll as he bites his lip, "Baby, I'm gonna win and I'm gonna touch every inch of your body."

I shiver knowing that he has a fifty percent chance of winning at this point, "But you have to remember, we're basically going to pretend that we're dating. We have to spend as much time as possible together, get to know everything about each, do cute things with each other otherwise we will never fall in love. This just means you can't have sex for awhile."

"I'll be having sex within ten days." He winks at me before throwing his cigarette on the ground and squishing it under his foot.

I ignore his comment, "So we have a deal?"


"This starts tomorrow." I state before turning around and heading back to my car, a smile creeping onto my face. This should be fun.

(A/N: Hope you liked this chapter! I'm sorry it's short but I'll be attempting to update everyday. Please comment, like and add to your favorites. And don't be afraid to check out my other book. xxx)

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