Let's Play A Game

"I heard you're a player, so let's play a game."


4. Chapter Three

Just have to apologize if this chapter is shitty, my grandpa died so I've had a really long and bad day. This book is like a distraction for me at the moment, hope you guys like it though. Also, in the last chapter it said Harry's POV when it was suppose to be Skylar's so I'm sorry about that but I am planning on putting in Harry's POV later on in the book. I'm also sorry that my chapters are always fucking short! xxx



My thoughts are all over the place and I have to keep reminding myself that this is fake, this isn't a real relationship, this is to see who falls in love first. I have to remind myself that this is the first day and I cannot fall in love with an monster, the monster has to fall in love with me. So what do I do? I shut down my feelings. Once we pull away we stare into each others eyes, his are a dull green when they should be bright green but I've never seen them bright, It's like how the clouds cover the sun. "I thought we were going to the beach." My voice cracks at the beginning of my sentence and I mental curse at myself.

"I was thinking we should just go to a party instead." He stands up and walks around the room.

"A party?" I hate going to parties, I'd rather stay here and watch Netflix all hours of the night until I finally pass out.


I scoff, "I ain't going."

He lifts his eyebrows, "I believe you are."

"You can't make me." I shake my head in annoyance, I don't drink or do drugs, I can't even dance; what's the point of going?

"We're going to a party to have fun and hang out with my friends, that was part of the list of things we should do."

How does he remember the entire this I said to him yesterday? It took me forever to memorize that list yet he remembers things from it easily? "Only to hang out with friends not to party."

"My friends won't hang out with anyone unless you party with em."

I let out a sigh, "I don't have anything to wear."

Harry lifts his eyebrow before walking over to my closet, opening the door and searching through my clothes. It stands there picking through my stuff before pulling out somethings, "You ain't got very many good clothes to wear but these work." He tosses a pair of black leggings at me along with one of my crop tops that says 'Dope' on it with mickey mouse on the back flipping you off. "Do you smoke?" He adds.

"Hell no, a friends gave me this shirt for my birthday and I've never worn it." I chuckle.

"I smoke weed along with cigarettes." He admits but that doesn't surprise me one bit.

"Do you think I'm going to wear this crop top without a tank top underneath?" I question but I already know the answer.


"Well, I'm not gonna." I argue.

"But you are." He takes a couple steps closer to me.

"No." I set the clothes aside and cross my arms.

Harry chuckles, "You're one hell of a stubborn child but you're going to listen to me."

I roll my eyes, "You seriously believe that I'll listen to you?"

He leans down, his mouth right by my ear as he whispers, "Baby, I know I'm going to win and when I do and I get to touch your body you better believe that I'll punish you for every time you don't fucking listen to me now." My voice gets lost in my throat and I just nod as Harry backs away. "Good now get those clothes on so we can go."

My voice slowly comes back to me now that he's farther away from me, "It's six."

"Parties don't always start around nine," He laughs, "Shit this party probably has been going on for the last two hours knowing my friends."

I nod and walk into my closet simply because I don't want to change in front of Harry, I quickly change and get out of there. "Does this look bad?"

He ignores my pathetic question, "You have a belly button piercing?" He stares at my anchor piercing.

I nod as I put on my shoes before looking at Harry again, "Ready?"

He huffs, "Aren't you going to do your hair? Curl it maybe? Every time I see you it's straight. Oh and baby, put some make up on." That came out rude as fuck but why not change my appearance for just tonight? I've only used my make up a couple times but that was only at weddings and stuff like that.

Once I get done with my hair and make up I don't look like myself, I look different, "Ready now?" I ask.

His eyes almost pop out of his head before he stands up, shakes his thoughts away and nods, opening the door and grabbing my hand, "By the way, you look fucking hot."

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