Let's Play A Game

"I heard you're a player, so let's play a game."


14. Chapter Thirteen


As I study Harry's face I can tell that he's confused about his feelings towards me. I can tell that he doesn't know what to say so I decide to fill the loud silence, "Let's go swimming."

Harry jerks up in a sitting position, his eyebrows creased in confusion, "You don't have a swimming suit."

"I know but anything is better than sitting on this beach at one in the morning in complete silence and awkwardness. Let's make new memories." I tell him with a smile and I push my hands into the sand and lift my body up. As I walk towards the beach I grip onto the bottom of my shirt and pull it over my head. I turn my head around to look at Harry who is still sitting on the sand, fighting back a smile. I turn my head back to face the water and undo my bra, pulling it down my arms and dropping it on my shirt before moving my hands to the button of my jeans. I can tell that Harry is still sitting on the sand fully clothed and I don't understand why if he's a player. Once I'm finished taking my clothes off I walk into the warm water until It's covering my entire body,  "Scared that you'll get eaten by a shark?" I joke.

He shakes his head, "I'm scared that I won't be able to control myself." He chuckles.

I ignore his comment because I don't know if I'd want him to loose control or not, "Just come here."

"This doesn't seem like you." He tells me as he stands up, shoving his hands in his pockets and looking to the right.

"Maybe the drug I was given changed me a bit, the doctor said it could do that."

He tries so hard to look anywhere but me but when his eyes finally meet mine he mumbles, "Fuck it." And starts to strip.

Once he his fully undressed and starts to walk into the water I decide to mess with him, "Well, catch me if you can!" I start to swim as fast as I can. I hear him chuckle and the sound of the water moving but after a couple seconds it gets quiet and I decide to look behind me only to see no Harry in sight. "Harry?" I call out as I stop swimming and look around. I start to get worried and panic. "Har-"

My words get cut off when I feel a hand wrap around my ankle and I get pulled under the ocean water. I feel an arm snake around my waist as I come out of the water, gasping for air I push Harry's chest and splash him with water, "That was so original." I sarcastically tell him, knowing that I saw that in a movie before.

He lets out a loud laugh, closing his eyes and tilting his head back a little, "I'm sorry." He chokes out during his fit of laughter.

"No you're not." I pout.

Once he's done laughing he pulls me close to him, staring into my eyes, "Can I kiss you?"

I want to say yes but then again I still barely remember him, it would be like kissing a stranger. Wait, what am I saying? I'm in the ocean naked with him. Fuck it. "Yes." I whisper..

He leans in and out lips meet for a second before he pulls away but I could tell that he didn't want to pull away so fast. We stare at each other for a little, comfortable in the silence. "Do you want to go back to your dorm room?"

"Probably should," I begin which makes Harry move away and begin to walk towards the shore, "But I've got something else in mind."

Harry stops dead in his tracks, "What?" He asks turning around.

"Let's make memories." I smirk.

"I don't understand." He tells me.

"Let's do something, let's smoke or drink, let's do something fun."

"Tell me where the good girl Skylar went because you ain't her and it's scaring me."

"Good, I hope it does scare you." I chuckle.

"We can go to a club and drink and dance." He tells me. I can tell he's thrilled by the idea of drinking with me. Honestly, I'm a bit scared but excited at the same time. "But what's making you want to do this, honestly?"

"I was always a good girl, can't I try to be bad for once?" I ask as I get out of the water and put on my clothes, making them wet; I wish I had a fucking towel. Harry puts his clothes on too and we decide to go to my dorm so I can change and then to his place so he can change before we get to the club.


My sight is blurry and I feel dizzy but I don't give a fuck as I grind against Harry who is equally as drunk as me. I press my ass against his crotch as I feel his lips press against my neck multiple times, When he starts to suck on my neck it sends shivers down my back and my heart racing but I'm too drunk to call him out. "Let's leave." He whispers in my ear. I nod my head and he guides me out of the club and away from the booming music. "Do you remember where the car is?" He slurs.

"No." I mumble as I concentrate on not falling on my face.

He bursts out laughing, making me laugh too as we continue walking down the sidewalk to absolutely no where. I have no idea what's so funny but I can't stop and neither can he. "Let's call a taxi." I tell him. 

He shoves his hand into his pocket before looking back up at me, his eyes are wide, "I lost me phone." He whispers.

I laugh again, "Harry it's in your other hand."

He laughs along with me before sitting down and I do the same. "What's the taxi number?" He asks.

I shrug, "Maybe you can just call someone in your contacts." I suggest and he does just as I say.

After a while I can barely keep my head up but I know if I were to drop my head I'd probably hit my head on the cement. "Is someone coming to get us?" I slur, feeling my eyelids becoming heavy.

Harry points to a car coming towards us before it stops by us, "Yes, it's Niall." He tells me as I see he blonde get out of his car and walk over to us. "Niall you need to carry her, I can tell she's going to pass out any minute. I can walk."

I don't know who Niall is but I have a feeling that I've meant him before, "Hi Niall." I smile as I feel him pick me up off the ground before everything goes black.

(A/N: I felt so bad about not updating forever because I couldn't think of anything and because school started so I tried to make a longer chapter. I hope you guys like this but just from writing this chapter I got so many ideas for this book so yay (: )

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