Let's Play A Game

"I heard you're a player, so let's play a game."


7. Chapter Six


My eyes shoot open only to find Harry's head laying on my chest and his arm wrapped around my waist, he looks so peaceful. His head slanted up towards me, his mouth open, and his hair is messy. I need to pee but I don't want to wake him, so I slowly lift his arm and move it to the side. His eyes pop open, bright green ones look into mine, "Good morning." He smirks, his voice deep and raspy from sleeping. God, that was cute, not gonna lie.

"Sorry I just have to pee." I crawl over him and head towards the door, when I look back his eyes are closed again. My roommate is still sleeping, she's normally awake by now.

Once I'm finished using the toilet I check myself in the mirror. I cringe at the way I look, my make up smeared and my hair a big mess, I look like a zombie. I decide to wash my face, I should've brought my brush and tooth brush in here. I walk back to my room to get my stuff and clothes to change into, I push the door open only to reveal my roommate throwing things at Harry, "Get the fuck out of here you pervert!"

"Hey!" I shout, they both look at me, "That's my boyfriend."

"Him? This piece of shit?" Noelle asks, stunned.

Harry shoots her a dirty look, "Like you're any better." He rolls his eyes.

"Guys stop." I walk between them, grab my clothes, brush, and tooth brush.

"You can't leave me in here with her." Harry argues.

"Hell, you better get out of this room, I don't care if you're her boyfriend." Noelle pushes Harry towards the door.

Harry jerks around, "Don't fucking touch me I swear to god I will-"

"Okay!" I shout as I pull Harry out of the room, "God you're both annoying." I shut the door.

"So, what are we doing?" Harry asks.

"I'm going to clean myself up, I don't feel like taking a shower today so I'll just toss my hair up. You can leave."

"Let's go get some breakfast and we can get to know each other." Harry suggest.

I lift one eyebrow, "Why do you care about my life?"

"Just get ready." He rolls his eyes and sits on the floor next to my door.


My hair is up in a tight bun, I have my skinny jeans on, a tank top, and no make up. I walk out and find Harry in the same spot I left him. "I just got to go into my room to get my sunglasses and shoes." I inform him, walking into my room to find Noelle laying on her bed reading.

"I'll be back later." I let her know as I slip into my shoes and put my sunglasses on.

"Bye." She's too into her book I bet she didn't even pay attention to what I said.

"Let's go." I walk out of the room and head down the hall, Harry following behind.

We take the stairs down because it's not that far, I'm on the second floor. "McDonald's for breakfast?" Harry ask as we get into his car.

It's not my favorite place but it doesn't matter, "Sure."

We get our food in a heartbeat, there's barely anyone here which is weird because it's McDonald's; it's usually busy. "Any siblings?" Harry questions.

"I've got three younger brothers, Max, Daniel, and Jacob. Do you have any?"

"An older sister, Gemma and a step brother."

"Who's your step brother?"

"You won't like who it is." He chuckles.

"Just tell me." I roll my eyes, this person can't be so bad.

"It's Niall. You know, the one that you wanted to rip the smirk off his face and shove it down his throat." Harry chuckles.

(A/N: Sorry that I took so long to update, don't hate me. But wow, so many people like this book and it's just mind blowing honestly. Thank you all for reading, love you guys.)

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