Let's Play A Game

"I heard you're a player, so let's play a game."


6. Chapter Five


The words just slip right out of my mouth, I didn't give myself time to comprehend what exactly I was gonna say but when I see her turn right around and walk towards the forest again I mentally fight with myself on whether I should grab her damn wrist or let her ass get lost in the damn forest. The nicer side of me wins and I walk behind her, grabbing her wrist yet and and jerking her around, pulling her body close to mine. "Let go of me you asshole!" She screams as she pounds her fists into my chest but it doesn't affect me, I look down at her as she struggles to get out of my grip, a grin appearing on my face. Her eyes look up and meet mine, "What the hell are you smiling about?" 

Since the day I met Skylar she's been on my last nerves, we bickered back and forth to each other all the time and we even had this huge fight over something so small and here I am smiling down at her for no damn reason? What the fuck has gotten into me? Oh yeah, I want to get her virginity, that's right. "Do you really want to continue wasting your energy fighting to get away from me?"

She calms down, "Yes because your a selfish asshole."

"Who said I was selfish?"

She ignores me, "Why the hell would you slam Louis' face into the wall a million times? There was no reason to, just because you don't like him doesn't mean-"

"Can you just shut up and calm down? If you were me you would've done the same thing, I promise. Let's not call the damn game off alright?"

"Why the hell are you so nice all of the sudden?"

Well, because I'm going to have to force myself to be nice to you so you can fall in love with me and fuck me... "A guy can't be nice?" I turn around and roll my eyes before pulling her with me towards the car, this night was a disaster. 

Once we get back to her dorm room her roommate is sleeping, "Are you leaving?" Skylar asks.

"I figured I'd stay and we could watch Netflix, after all the game is still on right?" I grab her laptop off her desk and lay it down on the bed for her. 

She looks stunned, "Oh okay..."

I grab her chin and kiss her, "I'm sorry about earlier."

(A/N: Sorry I didn't update for awhile because I was busy shooting off fireworks and I most likely won't update tomorrow either. I'm sorry this chapter was so short but aren't they all short? Oops. How was everyone's fourth? xxx)

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