Love at First Sight // Draco Malfoy

*** REMINDER ***
This story will follow the Harry Potter timeline but some events won't be noticed. Draco Malfoy never thought he would fall in love, he never expected to fall in love with a girl that is not only in Gryffindor but a good friend of Harry, Ron and Hermione. Will things change? Will Draco Malfoy change?


12. Twelve


It's been exactly a day since Voldemort took Danielle, the whole week she was nervous. Shaking and scared very easily. 

"Hey," Draco said tapping her, she jumped a little,

"Hey, are you okay?" he asked and she took a deep breath,

"Yeah, I'm okay," she lied again,

"No you're not," he said taking her books and holding it for her, with his free hand he held her hand,

"I'll always be by your side, you have nothing to worry about," he said smiling, she smiled back,

"Danielle!" Hermione said, she took a sigh of relief and went to Hermione to hug her tight,

"Hermione," she said letting some tears roll down her cheek,

"How are you!" she asked letting go of the hug, Danielle wanted a longer hug but it was probably the best she let go since the fight they had, though Hermione's voice seemed as if she had forgotten about it,

"They wouldn't tell me anything!" she said,

"Who took you?" 

"How did you get out?" 

"Did they hurt you?" and billions of questions roared out of her mouth,

"Hermione, seriously she had just gotten away from Voldemort, can you back off?" Malfoy asked rolling his eyes, with Voldemort's name she put her hand over her mouth and her eyes widened, 

"I didn't get away, he let me go," she corrected,

"Just please," Malfoy said and Hermione rolled her eyes and left,

"Go be with your boyfriend rather than your best friend," she said,

"Fine, just go to her," he whispered, she kissed his cheek and took her books,

"Hermione wait!" she said and Hermione's face lit up,

"I won't ditch you for a guy," she said laughing, which wasn't entirely true.

"Was it scary?" she asked,

"Yes, there were dementors everywhere!" she said and Hermione put her hand around her,

"Although you totally betrayed us Gryffindors, you're still my best friend," Danielle sighed,

"Okay I didn't betray you, the hat just chose, a, most, well, the most accurate house for me," she lied, 

"Okay whatever," Hermione said,

"Danielle!" Ron and Harry ran to her and hugged her tight,

"How are you?" Harry asked,

"Fine, can we just please not talk about it?" she asked a bit harsher then she should have. 

"Yeah, sure," Ron said, but inside he was dying to know everything, Danielle sighed and told them every last detail. 

"Hey Malfoy is staring at you like a hawk," Harry said and she looked to him, 

"I better go to him, bye guys, and I'm really sorry, about this and everything," she said pointing at her tie and she left,

"I know you've been looking to see if I'm alright, I'm fine," she said laughing, she sat down next to Draco,

"Hey do you want to just be alone? For today," she said, today was Saturday,

"Sure," Draco said smiling at her,

"Let's go," he added and she took his hand and they went to wander around.

"You don't look okay," he said,

"I know the feeling, remember, we're both in the 'our father is a death eater' club," he said and she laughed a little,

"It's just, I'm ashamed and scared," she said,

"It's okay to be scared," he said,

"I know that," she said, he pulled her closer to him and hugged her tight, Danielle loved his scent, it was strong but not too strong and it was amazing. 

"Not even Voldemort should be able to scare you," he whispered, she let go of the hug and kissed him softly, 

"Listen, if he even tries to hurt you," he said, 

"Oh Draco," she said laughing,

"What, you think I'm not strong enough for him? That old guy phssst," he said showing his guns and they both started to laugh. 

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