Love at First Sight // Draco Malfoy

*** REMINDER ***
This story will follow the Harry Potter timeline but some events won't be noticed. Draco Malfoy never thought he would fall in love, he never expected to fall in love with a girl that is not only in Gryffindor but a good friend of Harry, Ron and Hermione. Will things change? Will Draco Malfoy change?


1. One


Danielle Rose was preparing to enter the train that would bring her to Hogwarts. Danielle was different, she didn't start going to Hogwarts from Year 1, she started at Year 5. She was now 15, she had long wavy brown hair and blue eyes, she was tall and skinny with freckles below her eyes, she was gorgeous and every guy stared at her as she walked passed them, and like her name, she smells like roses, soft yet strong and sweet. She went in the train and saw 2 guys and a girl, the train was completely full and normally, Dani didn't like to ask strangers but she was forced to, 

"Um, hi," she said and they looked at her, with their smiles planted on their face,

"Can, can I sit here?" she asked and they nodded,

"I'm Harry, this is Ron," a black hair guy with a scar on his forehead said, she then remembered, he was Harry Potter,

"And I'm Hermione," the girl said cutting his sentence and she smiled at that,

"I'm Danielle," she said,

"You're Harry Potter, aren't you?" she asked and he nodded and frowned,

"Yes, sadly," he said and she smiled a little,

"Are you new, never seen you," Ron said,

"Oh um yeah, I'm in Year 5," she said,

"So are we!" Hermione squealed,

"So how did you start late?" Ron asked,

"Because I was in another school, it's called Durmstrung," she said and Harry remembered the Goblet of Fire,

"Yeah, we know about Durmstrung," Hermione blushed, Ron looked red and a bit angry and Harry laughed at his expression,

"You must know Viktor Krum, right?" Hermione asked,

"Oh, of course," Danielle said,

"HE's a wee bit of a show off, right?" Ron asked and Hermione gave him the death stare, suddenly Draco Malfoy and Crabbe came in, Danielle's eyes were fixed at the window and didn't see Malfoy come in, 

"Harry Potter, you're alive," he said and Danielle looked at the stranger who was talking, then Malfoy stopped talking and started into her eyes, and she did too, he felt butterflies in his stomach and didn't seem to notice Harry reply him,

"Who, who, who's she?" he asked smiling, 

"I'm Danielle, people call me Elle," she said also nervous as she talked to him,

"Malfoy, Draco Malfoy," he said stammering and Hermione giggled,

"What are you laughing about?" Malfoy asked eyeing Hermione and she stopped,

"Um you, you can sit with us if you want, we have space," he said smiling at Elle,

"But we-," Crabbe said but he punched Crabbe softly making sure Elle didn't notice,

"Oh I'm sure I'm fine here," she said smiling and he blushed at her smile, she was simply breath taking, Ron and Harry simply looked at Malfoy, then to Elle,

"Oh, um, well then, and are you new?" he asked trying to make conversation so he didn't have to go,

"Yeah, I am," she said smiling,

"Are you from a Muggle family?" he asked eyeing at Hermione who gave him the death stare,

"No, neither of my parents are Muggles," she said smiling, all he could pay attention was at her soft blue eyes and as the sun hit her eyes it was the most beautiful colour he have ever seen,

"I, um better go then," he said smiling,

"Bye, um bye Elle," he said waving,

"Bye," she said smiling and waved back and Hermione, Ron and Harry looked at each other then at Elle,

"Malfoy likes you," Ron teased and Hermione laughed,

"He so does," she added,

"Never have I ever seen Malfoy stammer in front of me, and blushing, is that even normal for someone like Malfoy?" Harry asked and all Elle could do was blush,

"Oh, my, Hogwarts, you like him back," Hermione said and Ron and Harry looked at her laughing at what she said, Oh my Hogwarts,

"What? I like that better," she said,

"I barely know him," Elle said and she changed the topic,

"So how's Hogwarts like?" she asked and with that the 3 of them babbled about their adventures in Hogwarts and Elle sat there amazed. 






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