Love at First Sight // Draco Malfoy

*** REMINDER ***
This story will follow the Harry Potter timeline but some events won't be noticed. Draco Malfoy never thought he would fall in love, he never expected to fall in love with a girl that is not only in Gryffindor but a good friend of Harry, Ron and Hermione. Will things change? Will Draco Malfoy change?


9. Nine


The next morning, all Draco could feel was an empty hole, he doesn't know why though because at least she admitted on loving him, why does he feel so alone? He did his usual routine and went to breakfast, he sat there watching the love of his life laughing and talking with her friends, he wanted to scream. Danielle looked at him, she thought he was miserable, his eyes were so dull it seemed he didn't sleep for ages, that is, most probably true. All Draco was thinking was how a girl, a girl that was a filthy mudblood, know-it-all best friend, could break his heart, he didn't know what was happening since he never felt this pain before, he wanted her back but she pushed him back, how was Danielle over him? He thought that over and over again but in truth was that Danielle was as broken as he was, she couldn't sleep, eat, and she was only laughing because her friends made it feel better, at least she felt okay. She regretted pushing him back not only for her selfish reasons of not wanting a boyfriend that was going to die because of Voldemort, she didn't want to feel even worse when she does lose him, if she does. For some reason, maybe it was because she was laughing but Draco stood up and marched to their table, it felt as if he was ruled by someone else, 

"How could you be laughing after our terrible breakup?!" he yelled and suddenly, everyone's eyes were glued to them, Danielle turned red, in anger and embarrassment. 

"How can you just sit there and laugh?" he added, tears rolled down his cheeks, she was speechless, maybe it was her lack of energy to defend herself or that maybe he was right,

"You can't even talk to me," he said starting to lower his voice,

"Danielle, you said you loved me but you said you just couldn't," he said,

"You know-," she whispered,

"Oh yeah! Because you don't have believe in me to not die just because," he said but stopped before saying the rest of his sentence,

"I believe you can't but," she said standing up,

"You're right, it's not fair, I don't love you, not now at least, you're just some selfish guy who won't get the fact that someone actually dumped him first instead of the other way around!" she yelled and with that she started to cry, she stormed out and he slouched, he sat down and everyone was absolutely speechless. 

"What are you, idiots looking at?" he yelled, but his voice was croaky, everyone pretended like nothing happen while he stood there playing over what happened. Danielle walked to the spot that Draco took her the first time they went on a date, she sat down and covered her face with her hands and started to sob, she was over this, she was over everything. She did love him, in truth he was the only guy she actually loved. How did things change so fast? It was first sweet, then it became a wreck. She felt more miserable. 

"You okay?" Neville asked putting his arm around her,

"Yeah, I'm fine," she lied,

"You're crying and you're missing class, you're not fine," he said and she laughed a little,

"Did I really miss class?" she asked,d

"First period, Hermione told Snape that you're ill," he said,

"I was there before he kicked me out for spilling his potion," he said and that made Danielle laugh,

"Thanks," she said hugging him, in the corner of her eye she saw Draco, he then ran,

"Draco wait!" she said running after him, she couldn't find him, she looked everywhere,

"Crabbe where's Draco?" she asked,

"I don't know," he said,

"Jesus Christ Crabbe, seriously," she said and he sighed,

"Library," he said,

"Don't tell him I told you, oh and are you okay?" he asked but she already ran towards the library, 

"Draco!?" she yelled but Madam Pince told her to be quiet, she spotted him and ran to him,

"Draco he's just a friend," she whispered, she sat next to him,

"Draco we can be friends too," she added,

"That's the thing Danielle, I don't just want to be friends, I want to be your man," he said and that made Danielle blush, she remembered the first time she saw him, she was in la la land. 

"I just don't want to be hurt because you're dead," she said,

"That's the thing, what difference does it make if, I hope, that you love me, either way it's going to hurt, and I won't die. I'll make that my priority," he said and she sighed, he made a good point,

"You just keep hurting me," she said and he took her hand and held it in his sweaty palm,

"Danielle Rose, do you think I intend to hurt you?" he asked,

"You do it so much I think you do," she replied,

"I hurt you twice and both were not my fault," he said,

"I hope you know that you're special, I don't cry in public, well that changed when you came, I literally cry when you leave me, first. Draco Malfoy doesn't just cry for no reason, I'm not Hermione Granger," he said and that made Danielle laugh a bit but she knew Hermione would've hit her, 

"One thing, please don't leave me because I don't want to do this, I refused and I was against Voldemort so it proves I would do anything for you," he said and she sighed knowing it would piss her off,

"Voldemort asked me to kill Professor Dumbledore, I, I don't agree and I said that," he said, instead of anger she felt happy, he wouldn't kill Dumbledore, but she knew that Draco didn't like Dumbledore, nor did her father Lucius Malfoy, but he wouldn't kill him,

"I would love to kill that old man but I know he's your role model, Danielle," he said,

"He's been bossing me around and I'm very stressed," he said admitting defeat, 

"But I've been even more upset that you wouldn't even talk to me," he said,

"We can't just get together, break up and repeat that cycle, that's not a relationship, my love," she said and his eyes brightened when she referred him as her love. 

"I don't know Danielle, if you're willing to try," he said and she thought and said... 

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