This is another story about Davion Daitron this story is way before he meet Yui long ago about 45 years ago before he was reborn and meet Yui.. But this time Luna is telling the story...


5. Titan fall

"This is FBI agent assassin number one Luna Star and speaking for assassin number 3 Nate Jackson mission warzok completed. We will be heading to our break Luna out."

"Roger that assassin number one." said Julia

Me and Nate parted our own ways. I went back to the base palace. While i went to the girls spa/bathe room i ran into Kiriyu.

"Hey Luna, how are you?" said Kiriyu smiling 

"Oh hey Kiriyu  i'm good how are you.?" i said smiling back. We talked for awhile then parted our ways.

After my bath i changed and left to the roof top of the palace. I always loved being by myself during the moonlight at night. I thought to myself

"What a pretty night for a break."

I knew that this was just the beginning because i noticed something i could see far away......

"This is assassin number one Luna Star! We need our Black Spade Military along with the top 10 assassins! Now this is an order from your commander!" i yelled getting prepared for what i want to call "Titan fall." I was the first to leave. i left right after i was done with my gear. Titans had entered Sofya. It wasn't long before Nate joined me. We already begun to kill titans...since assassin are fast movers me and Nate killed 200 titans so far. Later Kate,Kiriyu,Davion,Stella,Rosy,Dylan and Yuki came these are the top 10 assassins. I made groups i was with Nate Kiriyu and Stella group number two is Davion,Rosy,Kate,Dylan and group three is Jake and Yuki. We started to scattered our ways me and Nate were beat already of what was happening lately. It wasn't much of a fight with the titans. They are weak except for the colossal woman she strong but not for me. At least I was having fun.

"Geez if only they were harder to beat." i said purposely sulking

"What are you talking about." said Stella confused

"Oh you'll have you fun." said Kiriyu laughing

"Oh nothing." me and Kiriyu said giggling after we took off   

"Ok ok calm down you guys once we kill those two then were done." said Nate

"You mean the colossal women and red armor Nate?"

"Yea...gonna be hard." he sulked

Me and Kiriyu looked at each other. Since me and him have the power to read mind we had a small mental chat you could say.We laughed after we read each others minds.

"What are you guys laughing about?!"said Nate and Stella both confused and mad.

"Oh nothing." me and Kiriyu said giggling. After we left none of the other groups have spotted the colossal women and red armor.



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