This is another story about Davion Daitron this story is way before he meet Yui long ago about 45 years ago before he was reborn and meet Yui.. But this time Luna is telling the story...


2. Outrage Nightmare

"Luna I wanted to tell you that I too have a power like yours it's called "The Suns Gift" and please don't get yourself hurt because I care." Davion said I flew away...I didn't think he would say that. He was my first love and still is my love. I saw the zeroks they were trying to attack Sofya. I took out both of my winter blades swords and started to protect our land in Sofya. I spent hours fighting over 1,000 zeroks yet I'm not tired at all.

I still have over 300 more to go. I was really pissed because they kept coming. Eyes glow wings spread out while I stand in mid hair flowing in the wind..

I said "Spectrum of Light!!" All mad.

* Sofya garden*

*Davion POV short*

"Hey Davion what's that burst of white light?" Said Kate

"Crap She's going in an outrage!" I said

"Who!" Said Jake

"Let's go its Luna!" I yelled

*Back to battle*

"Spectrum of Light!!...Out..rage BLOW!!" I screamed out with rage of anger against the zeroks. I smashed,pounded, destroyed all that was in my way.

"Luna stop! Your going to destroy the world!" Said Davion coming towards me. I was really mad to listen to that. I threw a blast of light at him. I was unstoppable until.. I heard a voice say

"Luna darling calm down mama and papa love you very much.." I stopped. I calmed down..I felt weak as I fell from the sky. I closed my eyes and fell asleep as I fell. I won the battle..

"Luna darling want dinner?" Said mom

"What's for food mama?" I said

"Spaghetti and meatballs!"

"Yay! ...mama? W-where are you going?!"

"I don't need a foolish daughter like you!!"

"Mama wait!!"

"MOM!!" I yelled when I woke up

"What's wrong Luna!?" Said Nate,Jake, and Davion running fast to my room with their breaths out of air. I just stared at them.

"Luna...why are you crying?"asked Davion I went to the mirror to see if I was crying ..I was. "I-I'm crying .." I said as my voice cracked

Kate came into the room and hugged me. "Kate is dating Davion." I thought in my head. I was jealous because Davion was my first love.

" I'm fine everyone you may all leave now." I put a fake smile on. Davion just stared. Jake and Kate had left the room. Davion barely just left.(so I thought he was hiding behind the door).

"Luna.." Said Nate I turned around and he kissed me. Before i knew it he hugged me. He said

" I love you Luna." And he left.

I didn't feel sad anymore I felt kinda happy. I was blushing . I changed into my gear and left for my secret mission know one knew I thought.

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