That Girl

Jamie is an ordinary girl. Until she sees the new girl performing magic. She befriends the girl and learns her secret and discovers something new about herself. This is a harry potter fan fic .


7. What to do

Janice's pov

I don't know what to do. Do I tell Chase or not? I just finished patrol and he's not here. He hasn't shown up since Monday. Now I have to be... SOCIAL *shivers* I have no friends except for Chase. I decide just to go to class. Wait I forgot my Math book. I walk back to my locker to see a girl. Her hair in a braided bun and a blue ribbon tied in. She was wearing an infinity tee shirt and a sea foam green skirt. I watched her as she opened her locker and got out her books. Then out of no where she grabbed a wand and made pancakes straight from her locker. I ran to her with a shocked look on my face.
 " How did you do that?!" I screamed at her. She looked scared. "Don't worry. I am a witch too." I said as I pulled out my new wand. I did some magic that was only for looks and no purpose. "Wow" she said. "My name is Keela but people call me Kay . I'm going to Hogwarts this year."

"Me too! I just found out a few days ago" I said in excitement. Kay and I were practically the same person! She was sooo cool.


                                             Kay's pov

I'm not who  Janice thinks. I had a plan. I was going to find out the boy she truly loved and kiss him then I would break her heart and say that he kissed me and then I give her to Master. Master is the dark lord Voldemort. I am the only one he trusts. He made an unbreakable vow that he would never kill me. I am safe. I just had to put my plan into action. "So do you have a crush on any one Bestie?" I asked  in an innocent voice. "My best friend Chase. I love him. I just... things just wouldn't work out." she replied.


    Chase... he was the one I'm after.


                    Chase's pov


I am in love with Janice. Nothing will get in my way of loving her.


*Hey guys I really love you all. I'm having a contest where if you can give me the best couple names I will mention you in my story and also read some of your movellas. When I say couple I mean boy and girl. THNXS love you all


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