That Girl

Jamie is an ordinary girl. Until she sees the new girl performing magic. She befriends the girl and learns her secret and discovers something new about herself. This is a harry potter fan fic .


4. Chase's comfort

                        Janice's pov


I didn't know what to do. I had moved in with G a few months back. Was I supposed  to go over there and be all like Hey you dumped me so I came over to get my stuff and you're a jerk. I was just sitting with this adorable little girl. She said that she didn't want to tell me her name because it was ugly. I just called her Princess and told her that I would rename her when I adopted her. But I just wanted a friend. I just wanted to see Chase.



                     Chase's pov

 I got my food and walked over to her. She was talking to a little girl named Princess. I grabbed a chair and she told me what happened. When she finished I grabbed my coat and left. I was going to hunt G down and kill him. I even gave him the boyfriend test. I should have known that he would hurt her. He was just like the rest of them. They all promised to love her then in a matter of time they would break her heart. Why were these guys such jerks? If I was in their place I would hold on to her forever. Until the day I died. I got in my car and raced to his house. I got a speeding ticket on the way but I didn't care. I got to his house and pounded on the door. He opened it and he tried closing the door but I put my foot in front of it before he could. I got in and yelled at him. " WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! MESSING THINGS UP WITH JANICE. HOW COULD YOU HURT HER?! I BET THE ONLY REASON WHY YOU BROKE UP WITH HER IS TO DATE ANOTHER GIRL."


                                       G's pov


 Chase just walked into my house and started screaming at me like man back off. I waited for him to calm down before I told him what really happened. " I didn't break up with Janice. She broke up with me and then she started telling me that she was in love with you. She cried because she thought that you would never love her.

Chase couldn't believe his ears.



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