My Language Arts Teacher


2. Chapter 1

*At School*

Hey:Sonia(one of my best friends)


You ready to see Mr.Tomlinson:Sonia

Like always:Lulu

*As I walk into his classroom he stops me*



I need to speak with you after class:Mr:Tomlinson

Ok,no problem:Lulu

*I walk to my seat smiling like crazy*

What he want?Your Pussy?!?!:Sonia

Shut the Fuck up and no he just wants to talk to me after class:Lulu



*Everybody turns to the front because Mr.Tomlinson is in the front of the classroom*

Ok class ,take out your homework from last night:Mr.Tomlinson

Hey,Lulu:Daniel(cute guy(Mr.Tomlinson is cuter) that has a crush on me)


You want to go out tonight:Daniel

In your dreams:Lulu

Ok your just missing out on all of this:Daniel

I ain't missing out on nuttin:Lulu

Excuse Miss Lulu and Mr.Daniel:Mr.Tomlinson

Yes:Daniel and Lulu

Would you like to share with the class u two u we're talking about :Mr.Tominson

no but ,Mr. Tomlinson can I go talk to in the hallway:Lulu


*we go out into the hallway*

Can you just tell me what you need to tell me now:Mr.Tomlinson

First, you can start calling me Louis but not in class:Louis

I like how this is going


And second would you like to meet in here after school then go to my place:Louis

I definitely like how this is going

Of course I will:Lulu

*then we both start walking into the classroom and I go to my seat*

What the fuck just happened:Sonia

I'll tell u later:Lulu


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