Don't let me go

"Just tell me that everyday I could wake up to your smile." Harry whispers softly, as we laid tangled on his bed. I could feel my muscles tense. I love Harry, but he has such an aggressive side. As he spoke about are relationship, all I could think about was Liam, and how he was there for me through thick and thin. I thought about the time Liam told me he loved me. The times we would hide from Harry and just cuddle and watch movies. I couldn't believe the bind I found myself in. Who is better for me?. . . **WARNING: MATURE CONTENT**


2. It's nothing

Avery's P.O.V

we pulled up to a large, silver gate surrounding a house. Harry rolled his window down and pressed a few buttons. The huge bars of medal started to move open, and we drove through. The house was a decent size, and the yard looked like it went on for miles. He finally stopped the car, and got out. He walk over to my side and opened my door. As we walked towards the front door I could here laughter and chants coming from inside the house. Harry unlocked the door and stepped in. He glance at me feet as he took his shoes off and sat them under the coat rack.

"No shoes?" He said with a small smirk.

"Yeah, I didn't have time to put them on." I said with a nervous grin.

The chants, and laughter got louder as we walked down the long, tan colored hallway.

"You'll have to over look the noise. We just got back from tour, and the last place we stayed was North America... So our sleeping schedule is all screwed up." He laughed.

"Here we are." he said walking up to the last door in the hallway.                                                

"We usually hangout in here. This is my room." he added turning the gold knob.

As soon as I walked in, the laughter and the chants stopped. Every eye was on me. I stood there awkward for a moment, looking around the room. Harry tapped and started to speak for me.

"This is Avery, Avery...Avery?" He looked at me with a questioned face. I looked up at him an then to the guys.

"I'm Avery Brooke." I said with sudden confidence. I got a couple of blank stares, but eventually they all greeted themselves.

I sat in Harry's room for a while, the guy's pretty much ignored me the whole time. I found myself drifting back into a sleep when suddenly I was being picked up and carried. I lightly opened my eyes and noticed Liam carrying me.

"Sorry, Love, I didn't mean to wake you." He smiled down at me. I smiled back at him and closed my eyes.

We finally reached another room. One that was quiet. He laid me down on a bed and covered me with a thick white blanket. I could hear his feet slid on the floor to the other side of the bed. He cut the small lamp off and walked to the foot of the bed. I tossed and turned for a moment then fell asleep.


I woke up late in the afternoon. I quickly took a look around the room. I slid out of bed and walked towards the door. My arm lightly hit nightstand beside me. I instantly grabbed my wrist remembering the huge bruises. Sharp pains came from that tiny touch. I sat back down on the bed holding my arm. I was fighting tears, the pains was to bad. I looked around the room as my arm started to ease. I noticed pictures of Liam and some girl. "This must be his room." I thought out loud. I waited for a second looking around the room. When I heard a light snore come from the end of the bed, on the floor. I slowly peaked over the rail. As my eyes looked at him, his eyes opened. He gave me a startled look at first.

"Watching me sleep, ehh?" he smirked.

"No, not at all. I didn't know anyone was in here until I heard you snore." I tried to explain, But I could tell he thought I was lying.

He gave me a small smile then rose up.

"Hungry?" he asked.

"Starving!" I said before thinking.

He gave me a weird look then stood up.

"Have you been crying?"  he said getting closer to me.

"Uhh.." I took a breath and turned my head.

"Nope, it's just my allergies acting up." I lied.

"Oh, Okay. Umm, lets find something to eat, shall we? he laughed taking my hands.

We walked down a couple of stairs, and went to the kitchen. The smell of bacon filled the air. The other guys were already eating standing around the room. Liam grabbed me a plate and put bacon and toast on it. I walked over to Harry and sat next to him. He started to ask me questions.

"So, Avery. How old are you?" He asked. I could hear Louis laughing from behind me.              

"Seventeen." I answered, joining Louis by laughing.

"Don't you think you should of asked her this when you met her?" Lou asked.

Harry ignored him and began to ask question after question. He asked me stupid questions at first like:" What's your shoe size?" or "How many siblings do you have?"

But then he started asking more personal questions like: "Are your parents divorced?" and "Why did you get kicked out?" I just looked down for a second.

"My parents never got married. In fact, I have know clue who my mom is." I looked up at Harry. He kind of frowned and looked down

"I'm sorry." I heard him whisper.

"And I was kicked out because my father is a no-good, alcoholic that likes to push me around like I'm his rag doll." I continued.

"He woke me up early, and was trying to start an argument... Long story short, He held me against a wall so I spat on him. It pissed him off so he kicked me out. I added.

I took off my jacket and walked over to put it on the coat rack. I could feel stares being past through out the room.

"Oh, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to ask any sensitive questions." Harry said glancing between the other boys and me.

"It's nothing. I'm fine, these questions are kind of numb to me now, anyways." I sent him a small smile.


Sorry for a sucky chapter. :( the next will be better. Please comment what you thought though.

Please no hate :) Xx


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