The Girl With Scars

She was broken, used, abused, lost, confused, and most of all Isabelle Moi.


4. Chapter 4

I woke up the next morning and took a bubble bath. I took my blade out of the shower head and filled my tub up. I twirled the little piece of metal in my fingers while it filled. Once it was filled I got into the extremely hot water and relaxed. I started to remember what all happened in my life and how the bullies came about. It all started in 3rd grade when I had a crush on Jamie. Yes thee Jamie. I know stupid. Well anyways I had a crush on him and I wanted to tell him but I knew he would tell everyone because he called me ugly before. You'd have never though kids would have been so cruel. So I told him and he got his friends to tie up my legs and drag me all around the playground. Even the cement. Then in 6th grade I started my period in school and it went all over the chair. Which was also the year when I started to cut because the bullying got worse. Well anyways I started in school and my teacher called me up to do a math problem and I stopped talking in 4th grade but she insisted so I had no choice to go up and do the math problem and everybody stared. They started calling me gross and Bloody Bella. What made it worse was the teacher said to plug it up and sent me home. The next day there was a note on my locker that said plug it up and when I opened it tampons were filled in my locker. I was called Bloody Bella until 8th grade when that happened to someone else. Of course I wore baggy clothes a lot so it looked like I didn't really have any boobs. In 10th grade everyone started calling me boobless Bella. Then in 11th I started wearing tighter shirts but they were all long sleeved shirts and black skinny jeans. One day by my locker Jamie walked up to me and started sexually touching me and I ended up punching him and we both received detention. We were the only ones there because the teachers leave if there's less than five and he beat me up and stripped me naked and almost raped me but I kicked him in his nuts like five times and ran out after I got dressed. Then after that day it got even worse. I started bawling in my bubble bath and looked at my blade and kissed it. ''Thank you friend for being here with me through all these years.'' I said as I pushes very hard into my wrist and cut it open. Then very shakily did the same to the other. I started getting dizzy as I seen how much blood was coming out. Then everything very slowly became darker and darker. ''I love you mom.....'' I said as everything went black.

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