[Prequel] I Dont Want Him To Leave

This is Kris Irwins story, before Ashton left to help out his band, 5 Seconds of Summer. When she meets a boy at a club what does her life turn into? How will she deal when Ashton leaves for 3 years?


7. What have I fallen into...

I basically laid on my bed waiting for the doorbell to ring. I listened to the boys yell at each other over a video game. I watched  my clock like a crazy lady. When the clock changed to 2 i heard the doorbell. "i got it!" i yelled leaving my room. i ran downstairs and opened the door. "Hey cutie" James said. "Hi. come on in" i said and stepped back. he walked in. He wore a simple dark red tee tank top under a black flannel, unbuttoned, the sleeves rolled up with black jeans. He took his shoes off at the door. "Mom! James is here" i called. She came out of the kitchen. "Hi Mrs Irwin. Im James" He said shaking her hand. "its nice to meet you." She said to James, "Is Ashton still home? he might want to meet James" Mom said to me. "Hes upstairs. I'll go get him." i said. James sat down on my couch and i ran upstairs. "hey fuckface!" i yelled through the door. "language!" i heard mom yell. "sorry!" i yelled as Ashton opened the door. "what bitch" he said. "James is here" i said, the fear showing in my eyes. He nodded "guys ill be right back. gonna go meet her boyfriend" he said and shut the door.  He followed me downstairs "James, meet Ashton. Fuckface, meet James" i said. James stood up and straightened his shirt. "Nice to meet you" James said to Ashton. Ashton gave him the look im used to. the 'I dont like you' look. He gives it to me all the time. " Same to you man." Ashton said. "Sorry youre stuck with my bitch of a sister" He said. "Ashton Fletcher Irwin! Haven't I told you and youre sister to be nice to each other and watch your language multiple times?!" Mom said sternly, walking out from the kitchen. "sorry mom" We both said. "Hug it out" My mom said. i turned to him and gave him a disgusted look. we slowly wrapped our arms around each other and patted each others back. it was the awkwardest hug in the world. We pulled apart. "good" our mom said and walked back into the kitchen. "now go away." i said adn shooed Ashton upstairs. even though secretly, i didnt want him to leave. 

I walked around the couch and sat down next to James. he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and i turned on the TV. My mom had closed the door to the kitchen so we were alone in this room. After a long awkward silence while we watched TV James said, "So babe" "yeah?" "Why are you so mean to your brother?" "Hes an asshole to me" i said quietly so my mom couldnt hear. "Well doesnt mean you have to be a bitch back." he said taking his arm off of me and scooting away. "I-Its jsut how we work. " i stuttered out. "Usually we ignore each other. but once people are around it changes" I said, giving out the secret Ashton and I have kept for so so long. "why not all the time?" he asked.. "i.. i dont know. I guess its just to keep our friends from being friends with the other." i said. "thats idiotic" he said, gripping onto my arm. I whimpered. "I..I guess so." i said. he squeezed harder. "you guess?" he asked. "i.. i mean. yeah it is. I'll change i promise. ill be nice" i squeaked out. he let go. i rubbed my wrist and looked at him. i pushed myself to the back of the couch. He looked at me, sadness in his eyes. "I..Im sorry hun. I didnt mean to.. come here. let me kiss it better" he said slowly sliding towards me.. i let him come close and he gently took my wrist. he brought it up to his lips and kissed it. "im sorry. i really am" he said. i let him pull me gently into a hug.  By now its was like 6.  my mom came out of the kitchen

"Hunny im starting Dinner.. Oh James. youre still here. Are you gonna stay for dinner?" my mom asked. "oh. no thanks Mrs Irwin. im gonna get going. actually" He said. I walked him to teh door. he hugged me and kissed my cheek. "bye Kris"  he siad "bye James" "Ill text you" he said and left. "Mom im not really hungry. ill be upstairs" i said and ran upstairs. i slammed my door shut and sat on the oppostie side of my bed, so i wasnt seen by the door. i gripped onto my hand and started crying. It really hurt. i heard feet walk by and then a knock "Kris.. can i come in" it was Ash. "Go away!" i cried. "im coming in bitch" he said and came in. "Are you okay Kris?" Ash asked shutting my door. "I.. Im fine. i just accidentally hit my wrist against the door and it really hurts" i said Ashton took a look, "No this is a hand mark" he said pointing out the bruise that was forming. "its not. i swear" i said."Put some ice on it." he said and kissed my head before going downstairs. If only he knew...

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