[Prequel] I Dont Want Him To Leave

This is Kris Irwins story, before Ashton left to help out his band, 5 Seconds of Summer. When she meets a boy at a club what does her life turn into? How will she deal when Ashton leaves for 3 years?


8. School? maybe.

I guess i fell asleep sitting against my bed because i woke up to my alarm and i was awkwardly sprawled on the floor. i sat up and rubbed my neck. I went to grab my window sill to pull me up, i completely forgot that my wrist was hurt, and i grabbed it with that wrist. "Ah!" i said in pain and fell to the floor clutching my hand. It was dark purple almost black. "fuck" i said. there as a knock on the door. "What" i called. "let me in Kris" It was Ash. he didnt call me a name so im guessing he is alone. I opened the door. "Are you okay?" he asked looking at my wrist. "I.. I guess i dd more damage then i thought" i said shrugging. "Kris we have to get you to the hospital." He said. "no. no. im fine. Ill just buy a brace or something. Its no big deal" i said. The hospital wasnt gonna buy my 'i just hit it on something' excuse. "Kris." "Ill be fine Ashton." i growled. He stepped back. "fine whatever. Just wanted to be a good brother since I only have 3 weeks left before i fucking leave. but whatever. Fuck you too" he said and slammed my door. i looked at the time, it was almost 7 School started at 7:50.. I had skipped school yesterday. I should probably come in today. I sighed and put on a sea green flowy tank top. My upper arm bruise had faded to almost nothing already. I sighed and put on white skinny jeans to go with it. then putting on my black lace toms. I threw my hair up into a ponytail, not caring, and put on Mascara and lipgloss. I took one last look at my wrist before grabbing my school bag from the back of my door and heading out. We lived right down the street from the school.  I ran into Ashton while leaving my room. He was dressed in a blue tank top and regular jeans. "actually going to school today" he said, surprised. He was only a grade above me. I just nodded and let him walk. i walked behind him and we walked to school. I got there and Katie wasnt at her locker, which was right next to mine. "Fuck it." i said and shut my locker. "Kris!" oh fuck no. It was Julie, the most annoying girl in school.  "hi Julie" i said turning towards her, you could hear the sarcasm in my voice. "You havent been in school for so long!" she exclaimed. i nodded" yeah. but i got to get to class so. Bye!" i said and walked the other way, right. into. James. "oh hey babe" he said wrapping an arm around me. "i didnt realize we went to school together!" he said. "yeah. I was actually just about to leave hun. im not feeling the whole 'school' thing again today" i said trying to get out of his arms. "no no," he said pulling me closer "youre gonna stay in school. i told you to be a good girl remember?" he said, then he noticed my wrist. His eyes turned sad. There was a unused bathroom a few doors up, its covered in graffiti now. He pulled me in there and looked at me. "did i do that?" he asked. I just looked away. "Kris. Did i do that to you?" Then he got mad. "Did i FUCKING do that to you Kris! Answer me!" he called. "Yes! you fucking bruised my wrist! i can barely fucking move it because of you!" i shouted back. I wasnt expecting what came next. He slapped me across the face, full force. " dont, EVER, talk back to me again." he said and walked away. The first bell was about to ring.I reshouldered my bag and ran out of school.

 I looked at my phone. 'skipping school. not feeling it' from Katie. great.fucking great. 'slapped by James. going home. stop by soon please.' i sent to her. Ashton texted me. 'i saw you run out crying. you okay?' 'not at all. staying home. Katie is coming over later. dont worry about me.' i sent to him. i unlocked the door and walked inside. I shut the door and ran upstairs. i threw my bag into the corner of my room and collapsed onto my bed in tears. I need to get out of this trap that is James.. I really do. but i dont know how.

I must have fallen asleep because i woke up to Katie looking through my closet. " we so need to revamp this. " she said. I sat up "Later. When im not bruised and broken." i said. "i know hun. i know. im so sorry. Hes so not good for you love" "well no shit but i dont have much of a choice. he goes to our school. and he fucking slapped me. I just im dropping out. Im so done with that school." "Just wait untill they expel you yo." "ill do that. Theres no way my parents will let me drop out." Katie sat down next to me on my bed. "Listen hun. I love you to the moon and back. but James. probably doesnt." "well no shit Sherlock." i said. Katie put her arm around me. "why dont i stay the night." "sounds like a plan." i said. She nodded and laid down next to me. We watched TV untill I heard Ashton come home. After the door closed there was a knock on the door. "fuckface. let me in" he said. "its open asshole" i said. he opened the door, his band awkwardly behind him. "Why'd you leave school?" "wasnt fucking feeling it. is there a reason you bothered Katie and i?" "we wanted you to help shoot a video again today" Luke said from outside the door. "Katie are we feeling like helping?" "not with those losers." Katie said laughing slightly. "whatever bitch" Ashton said slamming my door. "Ugh i hate brothers" i said. "that makes two of us" Katie said. we spent the resat of the night in my room, watching TV and talking. i ignored any of the texts or calls James sent.


Hey guys. im so sorry. i havent updated because ive been in mental hospitals and ugh. i just got out. ill be updating so much now okay? okay. i love you guys ahhh.


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