[Prequel] I Dont Want Him To Leave

This is Kris Irwins story, before Ashton left to help out his band, 5 Seconds of Summer. When she meets a boy at a club what does her life turn into? How will she deal when Ashton leaves for 3 years?


3. I Guess I Was Wrong?

I got dressed in the outfit Katie picked out for me. I let her do whatever she wanted with my hair, which consisted of painfully brushing my hair out then Fishtail braiding it, but leaving my bangs down. I did my makeup, which was putting a thick eyeliner on my eyelid and doing the wings, mascara, and pink lipgloss i stole form Katie. It was 5:10 by the time we were done. I put the phone and my wallet in my back pockets and we went downstairs. Alec was sitting on the couch. "Ready?" he asked, giving me a look. I knew that look. It was the look of me turning him on. "Mom we are going to the movies!" Katie called. "okay hun" She said and we left to the car. 

We got to the movies at 5:28. "Thanks Alec. We will call you when we are ready to leave"Katie said. I kissed his cheek and climbed out of the car.  We went inside and Alec drove away. I saw James standing by the ticket counter. I walked over to him "Youre early" he smiled. "Yeah." I said. He wrapped me in a hug. "Listen. Im sorry about last night. I was really high on some drug i got in the club and i was drunk as fuck. i didnt meant to hurt you" he said into my ear. "Oh. Its okay.. What Movie are we seeing?" I asked. "I thought We'd see Iron Man 2." He said holding up the two tickets. I felt my phone buzz. "Awesome. Hold on a sec" i said and pulled out my phone. it was Katie. 'What Movie?' 'Iron Man 2'i sent. "Who was that?" James asked. "Just my brother. He wanted to know what time ill be home" i said, a blatant lie. i couldnt tell him Katie was here with me.  "Okay well the movie starts soon. SO lets get something to snack on, yeah?" he asked. I nodded. "I'll pay. although with your figure i dont think you'd want to get much but a drink" He said. "dont want to get fat now, do you?" he asked.  shook my head. "Hey, use words." he said lifting my head and squeezing a little too hard. "No .i wouldnt." i said. He released my face and order a small popcorn and two medium drinks. He gave me one and we went into the theatre. We sat in the very back and he gripped tight onto my hand. "uh.. James.. youre gripping my hand really tight. it hurts" i said. He loosened it a little bit."im sorry." he said. I saw Katie walk in with a small popcorn and Medium drink along with skittles. i felt my phone vibrate again. i pulled it out 'i have Skittles for you later on' Katie said. 'thank you' i sent. She knew i loved Skittles with a passion. i put my phone away right as the lights dimmed. 

Through out the movie James kept moving his hand more and more into my leg, eventually his hand was on my upper thigh. By the end of the movie he had his hand on my crotch and was feeling my up through my jeans. Thank Katie for not having my wear a skirt. Once the movie ended he made us wait til everyone left. "So Kris. Youre gonna be my girlfriend now okay?" he said. i just nodded. He gripped onto my upper arm super tight. "What was that" he said through clenched teeth. "okay okay okay ill be your girlfriend" i said with gasps of pain. he let go of my arm and turned me around. he smacked my ass once before we walked out of the cinema. "Okay, Im gonna go. Ill call you later he said and gripped onto my side and pulled me close. he pressed his lips to mine and closed his eyes. When he knew i wasnt kissing back he squeezed really hard on my side. i closed my eyes and kissed back. He pulled away. "im sorry i used force. " He said and left. Katie ran up to me. "are you okay?" she asked. "yeah. lets just leave" i said. She nodded and pulled her phone out. "Alec said hed be here in 5 minutes." She said. I nodded. we went outside to wait. "Oh yeah" she said and handed me skittles. "Thank you" i said and scarfed them down. "James wouldnt let me eat anything." i said once i finished the skittles. "Im sorry" She said as Alec pulled up. we climbed in "How was the movie?" he asked, "Good " Katie said. "good"Alec said and drove us home. it was around 7 by now."Can i borrow Kris for a second? i need her help with something in my room" Alec told Katie, "Go ahead. just dont take her for too long.She is MY friend" Katie said and went upstairs. Alec grabbed my hand and brought me downstairs. Once he shut his door he picked me up and pressed his lips against mine softly, nothing like James. He carried me to his bed and laid me down. He took the top off of me and tried his best to take the pants off the best he could. Once he got the pants off he took his pants off and fucked me once more. But having sex with Alec is different then having sex with James. Alec actually makes it seem like its done with love. James makes it seem like its done with lust. Once Alec finished he fell down next to me. "Youre my favorite person to fuck" He told me. "im flattered" i said. he pulled my naked body close and cuddled with me. "Hey Kris.. ive been thinking." he said. "about what?" i asked kissing his nose. "I.. I might love you" he said. i smiled and blushed. "i think the feeling is mutual Alec. But Katie would murder us. plus this isnt exactly legal." i said. "You'll be 16 soon right?" "July" "thats only next month" He said rolling so he was leaning on his elbows over me. he kissed me neck and then stopped. "Kris.. What are these from?" he asked gently poking my side and my upper arm. I guess Jame left marks. "I ran into my bed frame earlier and that caused this one. And last night at the club i accidentally got punched in the upper arm here." i said. Both very big lies. Alec couldnt know about James."I think Katie will want you back soon." He said kissing my bruises quietly and then leaving me a small hickey on my boob. "I beileve she will" i said. He sighed and rolled off of me. "Ill help you get dressed" Alec said as he put boxers on. " thats sweet" i said smiling. He grabbed my bra and hooked it for me, then handed me my underwear. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my shoulder. Then he helped me into the top and pants. He walked me to his door and kissed me one last time. "If she asked, I needed your help picking out an outfit for a date. That took awhile." he said and kissed me. I smiled and went upstairs. I walked into Katies room. "Ugh you reek of Alecs room, as in sex" Katie said spraying me with Perfume. i laughed "sorry Kates" i said. "What did he need you for that took so long?" "He has a date or something and needed my help picking out an outfit." i said. "Weird" she said. "Anywho. Lets settle in and marathon movies"  I noddded. i changed into my superman pajama pants and my tank top. Before my shirt was on Katie stopped me. "Ohmygod. Kris. Those bruises-" "are form James yeah." i said putting my shirt on and sat down next to her on her bed.

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