[Prequel] I Dont Want Him To Leave

This is Kris Irwins story, before Ashton left to help out his band, 5 Seconds of Summer. When she meets a boy at a club what does her life turn into? How will she deal when Ashton leaves for 3 years?


11. Hospital?

I woke up to machines beeping, and sobbing. "I tried to stop her Mrs. Irwin." I heard Katie say. "No one would have seen this coming.. Her legs..."My mom faded out. I twitched my hand, made a face and started to move. i slowly opened my eyes. "Kris.. thank god your awake." Katie said. "Kris hunny.. why?" My dad asked. "i jsut looked at them. "What did we do wrong?" My mom asked my eyes welled up with tears. The doctor walked in. "Can i talk to Kristina alone please?" he asked. "of course doctor" my father said before escorting my mother and Katie out. "Kristina-" he started to talk but i cut him off, "Its Kris." i croaked out. "so... Kris, can you explain to me why the, out of nowhere, suicide attempt?" He asked. "Can i get some water first?" my throat felt as dry as a desert. it was unbearable. My voice was all cracky and im pretty sure i looked like hell as well.  He handed me a cup of water and after i chugged it down i started to explain " I was just. done with life. My brother left me, my friends all hate me, and my mom and dad dont care. I just. i saw no point in life. My boyfriend didn't even want me" I said "Well... Im going to let you go, since you have no past experience with suicide attempts.. next time you try though, you will be sent to a mental hospital." He explain to me. I nodded and he let my parents and Katie back in. "Youre lucky you're alive" The doctor said before leaving. "Kris, love, why did you attempt please" My dad asked me "Because.." I started calmly, "You guys don't pay attention to me anymore, James is a complete dick to me, and I just, I saw no fucking excuse to live anymore!" I basically screamed at them. My mom and dad stood back in shock, tears rolling down my mothers face.

Katie stood next to them to the right, her makeup smeared down her face, she is wearing her green lace shirt over a black tank top and ripped skinny jeans. "Kris.. once you stopped responding I ran out of the school and called the police. I got to your house and  unlocked the door screaming your name, tears running down my face. I ran to your room and saw the bathroom light was on, but the door was locked, I'm so glad I know where that key was, I unlocked it and saw you there, blood everywhere, pills on the floor, alcohol bottles spilled. I screamed hysterically and tried to make you through the pills up, I couldn't get your body to do it, I just couldn't, that's when the ambulance came" Katie said slowly walking over to me tears falling again. "Never, try that again, please. "she said and fell into my chest, crying hard. "I... I... I love you Katie" I said. she mumbled it back to me. "I'm so sorry." I said

A few days later they let me go home. Katie came with us to my house from the hospital. When we got there mom opened the door for me and Katie put her arm around my shoulder. I put my arm around her waist. we walked together into the house. "KRSTINA ELIZABETH IRWIN WHY IN GODS NAME WOULD YOU EVEN DARE TRY TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT!!!!" I heard a familiar voice scream and then I got smashed into a hug, I felt the familiar curves of my brothers body. "Ashton." I sighed happily. "Yes baby sister, I'm right here. " he said before pulling back and looking me into my teary eyes, "I love you Kris, please never ever do that again. " He said and kissed my forehead. "D-Did you d-ditch the b-band to come see me?" I asked, "Nah, they're downstairs, want to see them?" He asked putting his arm around my shoulder like Katie had done. I nodded my head and Ashton smiled "Then lets go Kristi." He said softly and we started to walk to the basement, When we got to the door downstairs he stopped, took his arm off of me. "Shhhh" he said and opened the door, I walked in behind him, "Any news Ashton?" I heard Michaels voice, "Uh.. yeah." Ashton said scratching the back of his head and then looked back at me, smiled and side stepped. "Shes home" He said as he stepped away. I smiled softly, arms crossed across my chest. "Kris!" Luke, Michael and Calum exclaimed and rushed to me, all of them wrapping me in a big group hug. "Hi guys" I said, tears rolling down my cheeks. Michael stepped back "Don't EVER think of doing that again little girl! You scared the fucking shit out of us" He said and hugged me again. "Seriously Kris," Calum said "you can always call us and talk to us" Luke said and they all let go and stepped back, Michael holding on the longest, but only by a few seconds. "Okay guys, Lets go upstairs" I said and I smiled at them. They smiled back and we headed upstairs

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