Am I home

First book! Hope you like it and rate my book from 0-5 in your comments and please give me tips for the books that I write later on! Thanks!


5. chap 3: a new place

Niall's POV

Ella ready meet the boys?

Ella's POV

What!? This is your house! Oh my gosh I never seen a house so big before but I guess that's what you get when your famous. Niall opened the door for me and we walked in and everyone just stared at me. I tucked my hair behind one ear and look at Niall.

Niall's POV

Guys this is Isabella but you can call her Ella, and this is her sister Aria. I'll go make some hot coco and you guys get to meet them.

Harrys POV

I saw this beautiful girl walk in the door but I knew I has to lay off because she's Niall's but I really wish she was mine.

Ella's POV

Hi everyone!

1D band

Sup, I'm Harry

Hi I'm Liam

Hello I'm Zayn

Hay I'm Louis

Liam's POV

Can I hold Aria? Sure Ella said. So are going to be staying here with us and one very important question are you and Niall an item yet or do I have to be the love doctor! She laughed

Ella's POV

Ya I'm staying here and yes me and Niall are and item and your the love doctor huh. I laugh so they all start laughing and now we are all laughing and then Niall comes out with hot coco.

Niall's POV

What are we laughing about? Liam's love doctor job! Ella said I started laughing with them and then thought to myself I am really thankful that I found such a beutiful, perfect girl and I'm also really glad she is getting aloung with the boys. Do you guys want to watch a movie?

Ella's POV

Sure! You guys know what my favorite movie is? Let me guess Nile said is it Jack Frost? Yes how did you know that I asked. That's my favorite movie to! Nile said!

Niles POV

I will go get some blankets and we can all watch the movie! So I come back and I see ella on the couch I'm her pajamas so I sit down next to her and she instantly snuggles up against me so I put my hand around her and we watched the movie together. When the movie is over I look at the boys and there all asleep and then I look down at Ella and she's sleeping so I lay down and I can feel her nestle closer towards me.

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