Am I home

First book! Hope you like it and rate my book from 0-5 in your comments and please give me tips for the books that I write later on! Thanks!


1. chap 1: MOM!


Hi I'm Isabella but everyone just calls me Ella I'm 14 years old. I have a little sister who is 8 months old her name is Aria. My life is so hard right now because my mom is really sick and I'm so scared that she won't be ok so I called up the doctor and she said "Ella I'm afraid your moms not going to make it, I will have the take her to the hospital so say your goodbyes." "WHAT NO YOU CANT I HAVE TO STAY WITH HER IM ONLY 14 WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME! MOMMY YOU HAVE TO STAY WITH ME PLEASE!" I run to my mom and fall to her side crying. She brushes my hair with her fingers and says "shhh baby girl it's ok just listen ok I will always be here for you just keep me in your heart and here, it's my journal I wrote for you just in case this happens so just read this whenever you need guided. Ok sweetie I love you and please hand me Aria so I can say goodbye and I'm so sorry this happened please take good care of both of you." I handed Aria to mom and they babbled to each other and laughed and then I took her and watched the doctors put mom into the ER and drive away. I thought to my self I have no other family I have to take care of Aria and me all by myself! Then I heard a knock on the door, it was the rental guy I didn't have $800 I only have $200 what am I going to do!? I unlocked the door and he said "Is your mom home kid?" "No she is out with a friend right now." I lied "well I need your rent in one hour or your on the streets kid." He said. I shut the door and ran upstairs and got out a huge duffle bag and put me and arias most important things in there and got out a stroller and put Aria in it and left for the streets.

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