Food Critic

Holly is fresh out of collage with a masters degree in culinary arts.

Harry is a boy with a crap chef.

Holly needs a job.

Harry needs a better chef.

One add. One friend. One phone call. And one trial dinner later we ladies and gentlemen have a food critic.


6. Weird Guy;Shopping

~~~Holly's POV~

Once we got back from the hospital Harry gave me the day off. So he dropped me off at my apartment building. He offered to walk me up but I shooed him away. As I walked through the lobby I caught sight of him. He is always here, when I am. I'm pretty sure he waits in the lobby for me. The weird thing is he doesn't say anything to me he just leans up against the wall next to the elevator and watches as I get on. He doesn't get on with me, he just watches. Austin has seen him too. He just does that with us. We don't know who the hell he is we haven't had the guts to ask. Even though hes never said anything to us his ora is just scary and intimidating.

Anyway I rode the elevator all the way up to the 9th floor, walked down the hall, and towards our apartment door. I stuck my key in and opened the door to see Austin laying on the coach with a bowl of coco puffs watching Teen Wolf.

"What are you doing here? I thought you had work." I asked.

"Well hello to you to. The diner closed today Ms. Patty's daughter had her baby so she gave us two days off." Ms. Patty is the world nicest person. I used to work there during collage but quit to follow my dram job and now that's landed me to Harry and his friends in 5 piece.

"Why are you home I thought Harry would be working your arse off." she joked.

"Well I got there got stabbed went to the hospital and he gave me the rest of the day off." I explained. She spit out her coco puffs back into her bowl.

"stabbed?" she asked. I nodded my head and took my jacket off to show her the bandages. I explained to her that his old chef has a bit of a temper.

After explaining myself to her I decided to go change into some diffrent clothes and go shopping.

~45 min later~

As I'm walking out of top shop I bump into someone and nearly scream when they hit my shoulder.

"Oh my god im sorry" says the familiar voice. I look up and see.......

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